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شرکت توسعه منابع آب و نیروی ایران
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The most important positive effect of the proposed project is to improve the quality of drinking water and water supply situation to improve the quality of life, health, and welfare of people of the southern residential areas in Hormozgan Province, Iran.
Furthermore, the Operation phase has advantages like: controlling flood regimes and reducing water particles in the dam lake, making microclimates and improving the weather conditions. Employment rate will be increased and it is predicted that the migration of many jobseekers from the area will be reduced. The long-term positive effects of the project will result in improving the quality of social environment and general welfare of the people and the economy of this area. Improving the quality of water sediments and microclimate of Dam Lake can result in other positive effects such as attraction of various animal species, especially birds.
In this section the project is introduced in form of following items:
The main objectives of Sarney Dam and Water Supply System Project are:
  • To improve the quality of life of people of the city of Bandar Abbas and neighboring villages by securing and supplying 19 MCM per year of safe drinking water. 
  • To supply about 9 MCM of water per year for recharging and balancing the underground aquifer downstream of the dam on the river course to improve the water availability and avoid any negative impact on the environment.
History and background
  •  Feasibility Studies (Phase I); Tamavan Engineering Consultants, 1997
  •  Design Reports, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (Phase II); Tamavan Engineering Consultants, 2007
  •  Civil works for Access Road awarded to Jian Contracting Company, 2008
  •  Review of Detailed Design Reports (Phase II); Tamavan Engineering Consultants, 2011
  •  Signing Istisna’a financing and Executing Agency contracts between Islamic Development Bank and Hormozgan Regional Water Company, 2012
  •  Civil works for Diversion Tunnel awarded to Payab Kowsar Company, 2011
  •  Changing the Executing Agency from Hormozgan Regional Water Company to Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co., 2015
  •  Civil works for Dam Construction awarded to Melli Sakhteman Co., 2015
  •  Starting the bidding procedure for construction of Conveyance Pipeline and Water Treatment Plant, 2015
Location and general layout
The project is located in the south-eastern part of Iran in Hormozgan Province, at 27-7' to 27-52' north latitude and 57 -51' to 57 -14' east longitude- about 23km from the Minab Town and about 136 km south east of important port city of Bandar Abbas.
River specifications
Sarney River is considered as a part of Persian Gulf and Oman Sea Catchment Area, originated Bashagard Mountains and flows into Oman Sea.
  • The length of the River to the construction site: 85 km
  • Average Discharge Capacity of the River: 1.49 cubic meters per second
  • Special long-term sediment flow rate: 500 tons per year per square meter
  • Average annual rainfall in construction site: 245 mm
  • Average evaporation from water surface: 1609 mm
  • Average annual inflow to Sarney Dam: about 46 million cubic meters
  • Maximum Discharge takes place in winter and fall, respectively
  • The river is mostly dry in the summer with very little Discharge
  • During the studied period, the highest amount of Discharge has been in February 1992 with the amount of 97 million cubic meters
  • The lowest Discharge of zero was observed from April to August.
Specifications of catchmnet area
  • The upper parts of Sarney catchment area (northeast catchment) includes the southern slopes of the Bashagard Mountains known as the origin of Sarney River
  • This part of the catchment area starts from a height of 2043 meters above sea level and covers up to the height of 800 meters above sea level.
  • Middle parts of the catchment area include low-lying hills, and then this area has become a desert, and finally connects to the sea.
  • The slope of the catchment area equals 3.6% in horizontal direction, 4.24% in vertical direction, and 3.94% in average.
  • The average height of Sarney Dam catchment area equals 702 meters above sea level and the height of the highest and lowest points of the catchment area are 2043 and 97 meters, respectively.



Area (Km2)

Average Height (m.a.s.l)


Slope (%)

River Length (Km)

Height of the highest point (m.a.s.l)

Height of the lowest point (m.a.s.l)

Sarney Dam







Dam location
Access to the Project site is possible through Bandar Abbas- Minab- Jakdan Road, and then the access road to the dam site which is approximately 12 km.
  • Earth-fill Dam (gravel with vertical clay core) with a height of 52 meters.
  • A water treatment plant with a capacity of 2 cubic meters per second
  • Gravity conveyance pipeline with a length of 38 km (Steel pipes and GRP, 1m in diameter) from intake to the water treatment plant.
  • The project is financed by the contribution of Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and Government of Iran (GOI).