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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co.
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Prepared Projects for Investment


Major Hydropower Projects

Being Operated

  Karun 3

  Karun 4



  Masjed Soleiman

Being Executed


  Rudbar Lorestan

  Irrigation and drainage network of Chamshir





Being Studied

  Aras Watershed

  Dez Watershed


  North Watershed

  Ghezel Ozan

  Karun Watershed

  Karkhe Watershed

Small and Medium
Hydropower Projects

 Being Operated

 Being Executed

 Ready For Construction

 Ready For Investment


Major targets of Iran Water and Power Resources Development Company:

1- Actualizing feasible hydro and hydropower potentials of the country according to the Fourth Development Plan
2- Changing the financial approach to hydropower industry as the national asset of the country
3- Developing the hydropower industry with the approach of financial independence and completing investment, design, performance and operation circles of IWPC projects
4- Variety and increase of financial resources
5- Having a wide view and changing the approach from merely implementation of the projects to regional development
6- Promoting the level of project and client management, emphasizing on decreasing the time and cost of feasibility studies and increasing the quality of services
7- Quality and quantity promotion of the company’s contractors and consultants network