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In this section the project is introduced in form of following items:
  • Providing balance in power network of the country in high-load and low-load hours
  • Generating hydro-electric energy with a capacity of 1040 MW during peak hours
  • Consumption of electrical power with a capacity of 960 MW during low-load hours
  • Decreasing annual amortization expenses of thermal power for almost 19 million $
History and background
Primarily studies of establishing a pump-storage power plant in Alborz region began with the request from a Belgian consultant. These studies started in form of a cooperation between Iranian and Belgian governments. In 1970 first reports of these studies were submitted to The Ministry of Energy by Traksionel Co.
Preliminary geology operation started in the beginning of 1978 but it came to a halt after the victory of Islamic Revolution.
In 1983, design studies of phase 2 and tender documents preparation began by Moshanir-Lahmeyer J/V, which finished in 1985. Between 1985 and 19992 the complementary studies and detail designs were completed by Moshanir-Lahmeyer J/V and in order to expedite executive operation of some of the project parts such as diversion tunnels of upstream and downstream dams, a part of access tunnels to power house cavern, drainage tunnel of power house and some explosive test were completed. These activities continued till 1992.
All executive operation stopped since 1992 until 2001. The executive operation restarted in 2001 with grouting of diversion tunnels. Technical and economical reviews of the project, that had been started in 1999 by French EDF Co. and Moshanir Consulting Engineers, completed in 2002.
During 2002 and 2003, tender documents were prepared and executive operation of the project began with cooperation of Iranian contractors such as Farab, Tabliyeh, Kayson, Beta and Mechanic khak. It’s anticipated that this national project will be put into operation in 2011. 
Location and general layout
The location of Siahbishe dam and pump storage project is:
  • 125 kilometer north of Tehran
  • 10 kilometer north of Kandovan tunnel
  • Adjacent to Siah-Bisheh village

Therefore this project is named Siah-Bisheh project.

River specifications
The upstream dam of this project is constructed on Chalus River and the downstream dam is constructed on crossing area of Chalus and Garmrudbar rivers near the village of Verkelo.


  1. The first pump storage power plant of Iran
  2. The first rock-fill dam with concrete lining in Iran
  3. Close distance of the project to Tehran as the biggest consumer of electricity
  4. About 20 years of engineering studies by Iranian and foreign consulting engineers
  5. Non-dependence on potable and agricultural water
  6. Small volume of reservoir and low environmental, economical, social and reservoir damage side effects