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In this section the project is introduced in form of following items:
The main objectives of the Project can be summarized as follows:
  • Hydro power generation using an installed capacity of 986 GWh/year (2*225 MW units)for reduction of green house gas emission (CO2)about 626.110 ton per year in the guide line of clean development mechanism.
  • Reducing depreciation expenses of the thermal power plants
  • Job creating in region during project construction and operation period.
  • Creating entertainment and tourism surroundings for holidaymakers.
History and background
Pre-reconnaissance and reconnaissance studies were accomplished by Mahab Ghods Consulting Engineers for hydropower generation of Dez River Basin before 1994. Feasibility studies of Rudbar Lorestan Dam and HPP project was left to Ghods Niroo Consulting Engineers in 1994 and detail design studies contract was signed with Association of Ghods Niroo and British Halcrow as Leader Company in 2002. Construction of access roads and tunnels and diversion tunnel started in 2003
Location and general layout
Rudbar Lorestan Dam and Hydropower Plant Project (HPP) is located on Rudbar River (in upper East of Dez River catchment area) in Zagros Mountain, and nearly 100 kilometers distance from South of Aligoodarz City in Lorestan Province.
The morphology of Rudbar River and its U-turn waterway in the Project location is in a way that a natural elevation difference of almost 300 m is formed.
River specifications
Rudbar River is one of the main branches of east Dez (or Bakhtiari) River. Main branches of this river include Ghalyan Rivers (formed by Dareh Dozdan, Daii and Dareh Leko branches), Kakolestan River and Vahregan River. This river circles around a series of U-shape heights with the length of 38 km on its way and its name changes to Alken River. Elevation difference of about 300 m of river bed at both sides of these heights has created an exceptional condition for energy generation, Alken River receives several small branches and its name changes to Liro River and then Ab Zalaki River while changing its direction towards the south and finally it is called Bakhtiari River after merging with Sarkool River.
Specifications of catchmnet area
Area of catchment area of river up to erection site of Rudbar Lorestan dam is 2255 square meters and average yearly current of river at dam site is 30.2 cubic meters per second. Minimum monthly flow of river after upstream off takes is about 4.1 cubic meter per second and its maximum flow is about 250.5 cubic meters per second. Yearly flow of this river is 957 million cubic meters and maximum probable flood of catchment is about 3734 cubic meters per second.
  • Natural elevation difference of more than 300 m between dam axis and the power-house.
  • Project location in Lorestan Province and in the neighborhood of three Provinces of Isfahan, Chaharmahal Bakhtiari and Khuzestan.
  • Climate variety, steep topography and severe access.
  • Unsullied Land with fantastic tourism attractions, like Ab- Sefid Waterfall.
  • Passing the 400 KV transmission line Shahid Abbaspur–Anjirak from Project Switchyard.