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شرکت توسعه منابع آب و نیروی ایران
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In this section the technical information of the project is presented in form of the following items:
Body specifications
Dam type ECRD
Height from foundation 155 m
Foundation width 720 m
Crest length 185 m
Crest width 15 m
Crest Elevation 1765 m
N.W.L 1756 m.a.s.l
Total Concrete Volume 12000 m3
Dam body volume 4.361.689 m3
Dam Embarkment Volume
Quantity (cu.m.)
Rip rap 64,378
Core 487,109
filter 2A 138,582
2B 135,961
Rockfill 3A 227,082
3B 1,520,917
3C 1,224,424
3D 563,236
Sum 4,361,689
Water Tightening system
Tightening Method Grout Curtain
Total length of Grouting galleries (Access & Main) 2,840
Total Length of Galleries 127,000
Depth of grouting curtain 92.5
Body specifications
Reservoir specifications
Total Reservoir Volume 228 (cu.m.)
Usable Reservoir volume 115 (cu.m.)
Reservoir Surface 4.11 (
Annual  Water control Volume 960(Mcm)
Reservoir Width 200 m
Reservoir Length 20 km
N.W.L 1756 m.a.s.l
Reservoir specifications
Diversion system
Location Left Abutment
No. of Diversion Tunnels 2
Tunnel length/Diversion Calvert No.1: 563 m & No.2: 720 m
Typical cross section No. 1 Tunnel: Circle+ Culvert: Trapezoid
No. 2 Tunnel: Circle
Lining Type Concrete
Tunnel Excavation Diameter 9.5 m (old & New)
Internal Diameter after lining 8.m (No.1,2)
Culvert (Heigh:8m,Width 5.5 m)
Total Open-Cut and Underground Excavations 113, 355 (cu.m.)
Discharge Capacity No.1: 755 cu m/sec
No.2: 712 cu m/sec
Type & Height of Coffer dam Rock fill by Soil Cement Face 35 m
Concrete Volume in DiversionTunnel (Backfill Concrete & Structural Concrete) 70,000 m3
Diversion system
Instrument Supplier Company: SADAFZAR Co. Representative of SisGeo Italy
Number & Description of Instruments:
Electrical Piezometer:  83
Inclinometer and Settlement Meter: 5
Piezometer (Casa Grande): 13
Pressure Cell: 120
Accelograph: 6
Hydrostatic Settlement: 53
Extensometer: 268
Micro Geodesy point: 24
Type of spillway Tunnels , 2 branches
Location Left Abutment
Maximum Reservoir Elevation in Flood 1764  m.a.s.l
Flood Discharge Capacity 3445.71 (cu.m.)
Total Spillway Length 631m (2 Tunnels)
N.W.L 1756 m.a.s.l
Spillway Design Discharge 3342 cu.m./sec
Type and Energy Dissipation Systems Flip bucket With 30m Radius and 36.34.m Length
Quarries and their specification
1- Dam Body Mixed Core Sources (GC):
      -  Chaleh Hatam Borrow Area (B, C, D) Fine aggregate:
Borrow Area Gravel Content (%) Sand Content (%) Silt Content (%) Clay Content (%) LL (%) PI (%) CL CH SC GC,GC-GM ML MH SM,SC-SM
B 6 15 48 31 47 25 31 33 4 3 - 2 7
C 5 11 53 31 44 23 43 15 1 - 2 - -
D 11 24 37 28 41 20 5 2 1 1 - - -
      -  Rock fill Borrow Area  AX1,AX2: (Crushing Plant Output,  Course Borrow Area)
2- Filter Sources:
      -  Rock fill AX1 , AX2 (Course Borrow Area , Crushing Plant Output)
      -  ALG Borrow Area, River Sand
3- Shell and Transition Sources:
      -  Quarry AX1,AX2
Borrow  Material  Specification:
      -  Apparent unit Weight: 2.70 gr/ cm3
      -  Specific unit Weight: 2.71 gr/cm3
      -  Porosity:  0.96%
      -  Water absorption:  0.36%
      -  Dry Compressive Strength:  73.9 MPa
      -  Saturated Compressive Strength: 54.4 MPa
      -  Compressive Weight loss : 21 %
      -  Soundness Weight loss : 1.05%
      -  Loss Angeles Abrasion: 35%
Quarries and their specifications
General specifications of powerhouse
Type Surface


450 MW (2 Units)
Annual energy generation 986 GWH

Type of turbine

Francis-Vertical Shaft


Lorestan Province,100 Km South of Aligoodarz

Critical Minimum Water Operation Level

1721 m.a.s.l

Normal Water Operation Level

1756 m.a.s.l

Maximum Water Operation Level

1764.14 m.a.s.l
General specifications of powerhouse
Specifications of powerhouse equipments
Number of turbines 2 units Generator Rated Output 225 MW
Turbine Rated Outed Output 230 MW Rayedl Voltage of Generator 15.75 KW
Maximum Output 95.12% Generator Speed 300 RPM
Turbine Design Head 430.74 m
Rated  Current of Generator
9300 A
Turbine Rated Discharge 57.8 m3/s Turbine /Generator Manufacturer
Number and Type of Generators 2 Units- 3 Phase Synchronous generator With Vertical Shaft
Specifications of powerhouse equipments
Specifications of powerhouse building
1- General Speciation of Powerhouse
Powerhouse Length
Powerhouse Width
Powerhouse Height from Foundation
100.5 m 42 m 56 m
2- Powerhouse (PowerStation)
Total Concrete Volume (cu.m)
Total Excavation Volume (cu.m)
80000 720000
3-Powerhouse Tailrace
Tailrace length
Tailrace Culvert Height
50 m 4.45 m
Specifications of powerhouse building
Specifications of powerhouse outlet tunnels
In this regard no data exists.
Specifications of powerhouse outlet tunnels
Specifications of powerhouse waterways

Headrace Tunnel  Length
Number of Penstocks
2 lines
Headrace Tunnel Diameter
6 m
Length of each Penstock
2200 m
Type of lining
Reinforced Concrete
Diameter of Penstock

Specifications of powerhouse waterways
Technical specifications of post and switchyard
Switchyard  & Transmission Line Specification
Switchyard  Voltage 400 KV

Busbar arrangement

1.5 CB arrangement
Number of Bay 4

No. of Outlets



Switchyard  & Transmission Line Specification
Number of transformers 6 single phase + one spare

Number of transformers feeders

Rating of transformers 85MVA

Number of outgoing feeders

Voltage of outgoing feeders 400 KV

Technical specifications of post and switchyard
Specifications of tunnels
Intake Tunnel  Length
1334 Length of each Penstock tunnel North  Long: 747 m
South  Long: 734 m
North  Short: 159 m
South  Short: 145 m
Headrace Tunnel Diameter 6 m Diameter. of Penstock 4.4~3.8
Number of Surge Tanks 2
Type of lining Reinforced  Concrete Type of Surge Tanks
Number of  inlet Penstocks 2 lines Height of Surge Tanks
N: 122 m
S: 121 m
Number of  outlet Penstocks 2 lines Diameter of Surge Tanks
6.2 m
Length of each Penstock 2200 m
Specifications of tunnels
Intake structures
Number of openings
1 Type of Opening 1 Bell mouth
Maximum design flow 115.7 m3/s Type of Inlet Gates Roller slide gate
Design Head 48 m Width of Gates 6 m
Number of Gate 2 Number of trash racks 3
Intake structures
Outlet structures
In this regard no data exists.
Outlet structures
Access roads and bridges
1- Access Roads Specifications
Average  Width (m)
Renovation road from Horr-Abad to Gardaneh-Namak(2nd grade asphalt road) 20 7
Access road from Gardaneh-Namak to powerhouse(B2) Approximately 22 km 7
2- Technical specifications of the bridges
Bridge Title
Width (m)
Smooth Bridge 8.5 20
3- Technical specifications of access tunnels
Length (m)
access tunel to dam crest (T1) 1554
access tunnel to dam heel (T2) 1450
access tunnel (T3) 203
access tunnel (T4) 413
access tunnel (T5) 330
access tunnel (T6) 237
Tunnel Specification
Height of tunnels 8.5 m
width of tunnels 8.5 m
Volume of underground Excavation 600,000 m3
Geometry Horse shoe
Access roads and bridges
Complementary operations
1- Permanent buildings:

Due to long distance between The Job-Site and the nearest City (Aligudarz City), for accommodating the Personnel of Employer, Consultant  and moreover for having the working offices, the following permanent structures have been constructed.


Guest Houses and Catering Areas 5500 m2


Office Buildings and Assembly Hall 2200 m2


Gym 800 m2


Buildings such as Warehouse, Gas Station, Clinic, Bascule

1500 m2(approx)


Landscaping and Covered Parking Area

10 acres (approx)

2- Infrastructure facilities:

For infrastructure facilities the following main activities have been implemented:

- Diesel power plant with the capacity of 5 Mega Watt
- Water supply network (potable and industrial water) including 5 underground and aerial water storages and approx 20 kilometers of water supply network
-Satellite data transmission facilities for exchanging of information/telecommucation between IWPC   Head Office and Site
- Other facilities such as gas station and weight-bridge

Complementary operations