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شرکت توسعه منابع آب و نیروی ایران
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Water is the source of life and the origin of natural beauties and is full of power and energy. Power plants are able to transform this power to the electrical energy and actualize a small part of this potential power.
Iran Water and Power Resources Development Company in order to achieve its strategic targets in water utilization, as a divine non-ending source, and along with constructing  big power plants, such as Karun 3, Masjed Soleiman and Karkheh Dams and Power Plants, has begun the construction of medium hydroelectric power plants regarding their expanded potentials all over the country and is planning the development of hydroelectric power plants using modern methods. Hydroelectric power plants due to their short-time construction, less environmental problems and difficulties, economical feasibility, suitable dispersion all over the country, having a suitable condition for transfer of technology and capability of private section’s investment has always had a special attraction.
  • 1981 formation of small hydroelectric power plants in Jihad Construction
  • 1996 formation of small hydroelectric power plants in Tavanir Company
  • 1997 Transfer of small hydroelectric power plants from Tavanir Co. to Water and Power and Resources Development Company
  • 1999 Transfer of Kuhrang Project and formation of medium hydroelectric power plants with approval of Management and Planning Organization
  • 2000 Preparation of the main plan and project strategies
  • 2001 Beginning of studies relevant to hydroelectric power plants in country and commencement of Kuhrang Project construction activities
  • 2002 Beginning of Lavarak Project construction activities, continuing studies of hydroelectric projects and beginning of studies relevant to pump-storage projects
  • 2003 Transfer of small power plants from Agricultural Jihad Ministry to IWPC and changing the project name to Medium and Small Hydroelectric Power Plants
  • 2004 segregation of studies of small and medium hydroelectric power plants project and merging in Development Department of IWPC
Small and Medium Hydroelectric Projects
Following is the list of medium and small hydroelectric power plants together with their capacities and some other technical specifications:
Project nameCapicity (MW)Project StatusScale
Kuhrang Power Plant35Being Operatedmedium
Lavarak Power Plant47Being Operatedmedium
Piran Power Plant8.4Being Operatedsmall
Shahid Rajaee Power Plant13.5Being Operatedmedium
Ardeh Power Plant0.125Being Operatedmicro
Darre Takht 1 Power Plant0.68Being Operatedmini
Darre Takht2 Power Plant0.9Being Operatedmini
Gamasiab Power Plant2.8Being Operatedsmall
Micro Power Plant0.227Being Operatedmicro
Sarrud Power Plant0.065Being Operatedmicro
Shahid Azimi Power Plant1Being Operatedsmall
Shahid Talebi Power Plant2.25Being Operatedsmall
Yasuj Chain Power Plants16.8Being Operatedsmall
Tarik Power Plant3.0Being Executedsmall
Ardal Package19.9Being Executedmedium
Zivakeh Power Plant6Ready for Tendering & Executionmedium
Dez Power Plant20Holdmedium
Yasouj Development2.6Holdsmall
Zayanderood Regulator Dam8.5Ready for Tendering & Executionsmall
Pichab Power Plant4Holdsmall
Sooleh Dokal4.4Being Executedsmall
Namarestagh package projects12.6Ready for Tendering & Executionsmall
Package of the ready-for-investment power plants Receiving brochure of ready-for-investment working packages [2.95MB]