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شرکت توسعه منابع آب و نیروی ایران
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 Being Executed
 expandArdal PackageCapacity (MW): 19.9Scale:   medium
 expandSooleh DokalCapacity (MW): 4.4Scale:   small
-  1991-1996 Feasibility studies (phase I) by west Azarbaijan Jahad Nasr Co. 
- 1996-2000 Detail Design (phase II) by west Azarbayjan Jahad Nasr Co.
-  2001 Review of phase II by Jahad Engineering Services co. 
 - 2002-2003  Delivery reports and Documents from Jahad to Iran Water & Power Resources Development Co. (IWPCO)
 - 2006-2007 Review of phase II by Iran Water & Power Resources Development Co. With the approach for production in peak time   
 -2010 Review of  phase II with Run- of- river approach  and preparation of tender documents by Aban Pazhoh consultant Engineering  
- 2012 Bidding and announcenment “ Fanavari Novin Niro – Tehran Berkly-Purnam”  consortium as successful bidder .
-2013- Notification of award to “ Fanavari Novin Niro – Tehran Berkly- Purnam   ”consortium
 expandTarik Power PlantCapacity (MW): 3.0Scale:   small
 Being Operated
 expandArdeh Power PlantCapacity (MW): 0.125Scale:   micro
The studies were carried out by Jihad Ministry
Commencement of construction activities: 1986
Operation commencement: 1989
 expandDarre Takht 1 Power PlantCapacity (MW): 0.68Scale:   mini
 expandDarre Takht2 Power PlantCapacity (MW): 0.9Scale:   mini
The studies were carried out by civil Works and Village Industries Deputy of Jihad Ministry in 1996
Operation commencement: 2000
 expandGamasiab Power PlantCapacity (MW): 2.8Scale:   small
 expandKuhrang Power PlantCapacity (MW): 35Scale:   medium
Before 1941: Designing 3 tunnels for transferring Koohrang River from main stream of Karun to the stream of Zayandeh Rud and central plains of Iran according to the previous studies
1943 to 1948: Construction of Koohrang River first tunnel with the length of 200 m and discharge capacity of 22 m3/s and annual water transfer of 300 million m3
1975 to 1985: Construction of Koohrang River second tunnel with the length of 2050 m and discharge capacity of 44 m3/s with annual water transfer of 300 million m3
1983: Beginning of first phase studies of Koohrang Power Plant by Moshanir Co. after proposal of Esfahan Regional Water Organization and approval of Ministry of Energy; to construct a power plant with the capacity of 35 MW at the outlet of second tunnel, according to the studies
1988: Beginning of second phase studies by Moshanir Co. and Soil Mechanic Consulting Engineers (due to geotechnical problems Soil Mechanic Consulting Engineers gave up continues of studies)
1991: Beginning of construction activities in culvert section by the team of Esfahan Regional Water Organization and beginning of designing and studies of powerhouse by LIF Co.
1998: Transferring of project from Esfahan Regional Water Organization to Iran Water and Power Resources Co.
1999: Concluding second phase studies and proposals of foreign consultant with cooperation of Moshanir Co. Beginning the tendering process of the powerhouse building and outlet channel and selecting Kanio Co. as the contractor
2001: Beginning of construction activities of project by Kanio Co.
2004: Completing all construction activities of the project, inauguration and operation of powerhouse in January of the same year
 expandLavarak Power PlantCapacity (MW): 47Scale:   medium
 expandMicro Power PlantCapacity (MW): 0.227Scale:   micro
1998: Jihad Ministry puts in his agenda electricity generation through renewable energies in distant villages of the country
1999: Beginning of basic studies with first priority of seven power plants
2003: Construction of seven power plants by Jihad Ministry
2004: Tendering process and completion of five power plants by Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co.
Power plants of Micro Project are as follows:
  1. Karnagh
  2. Garni
  3. Darjan
  4. Maran
  5. Nav
 expandPiran Power PlantCapacity (MW): 8.4Scale:   small
 expandSarrud Power PlantCapacity (MW): 0.065Scale:   micro
The studies were carried out Jihad Ministry
Commencement of construction activities: 1985
Operation commencement: 1987
 expandShahid Azimi Power PlantCapacity (MW): 1Scale:   small
 expandShahid Rajaee Power PlantCapacity (MW): 13.5Scale:   medium
Basic studies of power station, as a part of Shahid Rajaee Project, began by the Mahab Qoads Consultant and Electrowatt Stoki Co. of Sweden since 1989 together with the studies of dam body. The second phase studies were completed in 1994. The capacity of this project is 13.5 MW (three units of 4.5 MW). In the middle of 2000 this project was taken from Regional Water Organization of Mazandaran and handed over to Iran Water and power resources Development Co. The studies of technical documents and preparing tender documents continued with cooperation of Mahab Qods Co. In the second half of 2001 Pajuhab Co, as the project consultant and then Armetab Co. as the civil contractor and Mabna Niroo Co. as the contractor of preparing, manufacturing and installation of switchyard equipments were elected through tendering and their activities began in March 2002. In July 2002 due to an earthquake in the region the main part of these activities came to a halt. In February 2004 the main contract of project was concluded with Farab Co. and up to now the project’s different phases are being implemented.
 expandShahid Talebi Power PlantCapacity (MW): 2.25Scale:   small
 expandYasuj Chain Power PlantsCapacity (MW): 16.8Scale:   small
Studies of the Yasuj Chain Project began in 1989 by Jihad Ministry and cooperation of Chinese Research Institute (ECHIDI). In basic studies construction of a reservoir dam had been predicted which was cancelled due to complex geological situation and technical difficulties. In further studies several other options were studied and finally the option of nine chain power plants with the capacity of 20 MW was approved by the client.
Construction activities of six of these nine power plants which had economical priority began. Karick1 and Polkolu1 were completed and put into operation in 1994 and 2004. Construction activities of Karick2 and Karick3 were also finished in 2006. Two power plants of Polkolu2 and Kohkdan were also tested in June 2007 and put into operation.
Power plants of Yasuj Chain Project are as follows:
  1. Polkolu1
  2. Polkolu2
  3. Kokhdan
  4. Karick1
  5. Karick2
  6. Karick3
 Ready for Tendering & Execution
 expandNamarestagh package projectsCapacity (MW): 12.6Scale:   small
 expandZayanderood Regulator DamCapacity (MW): 8.5Scale:   small
 expandZivakeh Power PlantCapacity (MW): 6Scale:   medium