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Shahid Rajaee Power Plant
History and background
Basic studies of power station, as a part of Shahid Rajaee Project, began by the Mahab Qoads Consultant and Electrowatt Stoki Co. of Sweden since 1989 together with the studies of dam body. The second phase studies were completed in 1994. The capacity of this project is 13.5 MW (three units of 4.5 MW). In the middle of 2000 this project was taken from Regional Water Organization of Mazandaran and handed over to Iran Water and power resources Development Co. The studies of technical documents and preparing tender documents continued with cooperation of Mahab Qods Co. In the second half of 2001 Pajuhab Co, as the project consultant and then Armetab Co. as the civil contractor and Mabna Niroo Co. as the contractor of preparing, manufacturing and installation of switchyard equipments were elected through tendering and their activities began in March 2002. In July 2002 due to an earthquake in the region the main part of these activities came to a halt. In February 2004 the main contract of project was concluded with Farab Co. and up to now the project’s different phases are being implemented.
  • Taking advantage from existing potential of Shahid Rajaee Dam for annual hydroelectric power generation of 31 million Kwh.
The project is located in 36°14¢ geographical latitude and 53°14¢ of geographical longitude. It is situated in 210 km of dam body in a place named Tangesoleiman, which is located in 40 km south of Sari city in Mazandaran Province.
Technical Information



  • Dam body
    Dam type: Double arched concrete with free spillway
    Dam crown length: 427 m
    Height of dam from foundation: 138 m
    Width of dam in foundation: 27 m
    Width of dam in crest: 7 m
    Area of dam lake: 520 hectare
    Lake length: 8500 m
    Reservoir capacity: 160 million m3

  • Penstock
    Numbers: 1 line
    Type: steel (ST 52)
    Length: 210 m
    Diameter: Direct part 2 m and S shape part 1 m

  • Powerhouse
    Type: On- Ground reservoir
    Discharge of each unit: 5.5 m3/s
    Head: 91 m
    Building: Two floors with concrete framework and one floor with metal framework with dimensions of 25.1*16.8*18 m Installation capacity: 13.5 MW
    Network type: public
    Turbine type: Vertical Francis
    Numbers of units: 3
    Generator power: 5.2 MVA
    Voltage of generator: 6.3 kv
    Frequency: 50 hertz
    Rotation speed: 750 rounds/minute

  • Outlet channels
    Type: Concrete
    Outlet dimensions: width of 16.5 m and height of 9.5 m

  • Post and switchyard
    Numbers of main generator: 2
    Apparent power of transformer: 10 MVA
    Alteration ratio: 63 to 6.3 kv
    Post type: Out-Door