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شرکت توسعه منابع آب و نیروی ایران
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Shahid Azimi Power Plant
History and background
The studies were carried out by Jihad Ministry
Commencement of construction activities: 1991
Operation commencement: 1995
  • Annual generation of 5.2 million kwh of energy
The project is located in 36°34¢ of geographical latitude and 50°30¢ of geographical longitude in Mazandaran Province, Ramsar City, Jannat Rudbar Village
Technical Information

  • Diversion dyke
    Type: Stone
    Spillway height: 2.8 m
    Spillway length: 15 m
  • Water transfer channel
    Type: Rectangular concrete
    Length: 610 m
    Dimensions: 1.2*2 m
  • Forebay:
    Volume: 100 m3
    Dimensions: 3.3*3*10 m
  • Penstock
    Type: Steel
    Numbers: 2
    Diameter: 0.5 m
    Length: 250 m
    Type: Current On-the-ground
    Building: Concrete structure with the dimensions of 5.2*8.3*20.4 m
    Total design discharge: 1.2 M3/s
    Head: 110 m
    Installation capacity: 1 MW
    Network type: Isolated
    Turbine type: Horizontal Francis
    Numbers of units: 2
  • Outlet channels
    Type: Reinforced concrete
    Dimensions: 1.25*1.5 m