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Piran Power Plant
History and background
During 1989-1991 phase one studies were carried out by Pajuhesh Niru Co.
In 1998 surveying activities of second phase was carried out by Jihad Engineering Service Co. First phase review and second phase studies were carried out by Pars Piab Co.
In 1999 geotechnical studies of the project was carried out by Bon Pajuh Co.
In 2000 second phase survey activities was completed by Pars Piab Co.
In 2004 tendering process and determining main contractor of the project should have been carried out, but due to non-ensuring of necessary guaranties from the contractor side, inevitably the contract was cancelled.
In 2007 technical specifications of tender documents were reviewed by sakku Consulting Engineers and the main contractor was selected.
  • Annual energy generation of 40 million Kwh
The project is located in 32°25¢ to 34°30¢ of geographical latitude and 45°55¢ to 46°5¢ of geographical longitude. The project is situated in Kermanshah province, Sarpolzahab city, near Shalan, Kani Sorkheh and Piran villages.
Technical Information

  • Diversion dam:
    Type: Stone and concrete
    Length: 25 m
  • Water transfer channel:
    Type: Concrete rectangular and trapezoid
    Length: 212 m
  • Siphon:
    Length of siphon: 1572 m
    Diameter of siphon: 1.1 m
  • Reservoir tank:
    Volume: 50000 m3
  • Penstock:
    Numbers: 2 lines
    Type: steel
    Length: 860 m
  • Powerhouse:
    Type: On- Ground
    Discharge of each unit: 1.5 m3/s
    Head: 318 m
    Building: not designed yet
    Installation capacity: 8.4 MW
    Network type: public
    Turbine type:
    Number of units: 2
    Generator power: 5 MVA
    Out let voltage of generator: 6.3 kv
    Frequency: 50 hertz
    Rotation speed: 600 rounds/minute
    Numbers of main transformers: 2
    Apparent power of transformer: 5 MVA
    Alteration ratio: 20 to 6.3 kv
  • Outlet channels:
    Type: Concrete
    Length: 800 m