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Kuhrang Power Plant
History and background
Before 1941: Designing 3 tunnels for transferring Koohrang River from main stream of Karun to the stream of Zayandeh Rud and central plains of Iran according to the previous studies
1943 to 1948: Construction of Koohrang River first tunnel with the length of 200 m and discharge capacity of 22 m3/s and annual water transfer of 300 million m3
1975 to 1985: Construction of Koohrang River second tunnel with the length of 2050 m and discharge capacity of 44 m3/s with annual water transfer of 300 million m3
1983: Beginning of first phase studies of Koohrang Power Plant by Moshanir Co. after proposal of Esfahan Regional Water Organization and approval of Ministry of Energy; to construct a power plant with the capacity of 35 MW at the outlet of second tunnel, according to the studies
1988: Beginning of second phase studies by Moshanir Co. and Soil Mechanic Consulting Engineers (due to geotechnical problems Soil Mechanic Consulting Engineers gave up continues of studies)
1991: Beginning of construction activities in culvert section by the team of Esfahan Regional Water Organization and beginning of designing and studies of powerhouse by LIF Co.
1998: Transferring of project from Esfahan Regional Water Organization to Iran Water and Power Resources Co.
1999: Concluding second phase studies and proposals of foreign consultant with cooperation of Moshanir Co. Beginning the tendering process of the powerhouse building and outlet channel and selecting Kanio Co. as the contractor
2001: Beginning of construction activities of project by Kanio Co.
2004: Completing all construction activities of the project, inauguration and operation of powerhouse in January of the same year
  • Annual generation of 128 million kwh energy
The project is located in 32°27¢ of geographical longitude and 50°6¢ of geographical latitude in Charmahal va Bakhtyari Province in east of Shahrkord City and in 2 km distance of south west of Chalgard Village
Technical Information

  • Water diversion culvert
    Culvert length: 842 m
    Culvert dimensions: 6* 4.8 m
  • Reservoir
    Culvert volume: 20000 m3
    Basin dimensions: 200*300 m
    Crest length: 470 m
    Crest level: 2344.5 m
    Water maximum level: 2343.6 m
    Maximum height from the foundation: 20.2 m
    Reservoir volume: 80000 m3
  • Penstock
    Type: steel ST37
    Numbers: 3
    Penstock diameter: 2.6 m
    Length of powerhouse penstock: 1200*3 m
    Penstock plate thickness: 14 and 16 mm
  • Powerhouse
    Type: Current On-the-ground
    Discharge of each unit: 16.7 m3/s
    Head: 84 m
    Installation capacity: 35 MW
    Network type: Public
    Turbine type: vertical Francis
    Numbers of units: 3
    Generator voltage: 6.3 kv
    Frequency: 50 htz
    Generator speed: 500 rotations/minute
    Numbers of main transformer: 2
    Alteration ratio: 6.3 to 63 kv
  • Outlet channel Length of channel: 1200 m
    Width of channel at the bottom: 9 m