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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Iran-China Cooperation Contract on Setting up World's Highest Dam to Ink  

News: Iran-China Cooperation Contract on Setting up World's Highest Dam to Ink




Iran-China Cooperation Contract on Setting up World's Highest Dam to Ink 


Regardless of Western countries’ sanctions against Iran, the cooperation contract on setting up the world's highest dam will be signed between Iran and China before the end of current Iranian year (March 22, 2011).
Announcing the news, Seyed Mohammad Reza Rezazadeh, Managing Director of Iran Water and Power Resources Development Company said: “Upon sending a delegation, led by Deputy Minister of Energy in Water Affairs, Eng. Attarzadeh, the financing negotiations of Bakhtiari Dam and Power Plant was followed in China.”
“In a meeting with Managing Director of Sinahydro Corporation, the Iranian delegation emphasized that Iran's motivation to cooperate with China on Bakhtiari Dam and Power Plant project is expanding the two countries’ ties in the current international conditions, while the use of a credit line between the two countries to fund the project, as the leading concrete dam and hydro power plant project, is really important,” he asserted.
Eng. Rezazadeh noted that Sinahydro Corporation enjoys great experiences in dam construction and there is a possibility of breaking the cooperation ground between Sinahydro Corporation, as well as the Iranian companies.
As carried in the report, the both sides agreed to settle the remaining issues in the presence of the experts in the coming few days, thus the contract of Bakhtiari Dam and Power Plant  will be signed as of March 15.
Bakhtiari Dam and Power Plant is located in Southwest of Iran, on Zagros Mountains, and Northwest of Tangpich station in Tehran - Ahvaz railway route.
Bakhtiari Dam is set up about 50 km upstream of Dez Dam, 5 km upstream of Caesar - Bakhtiari Rivers.
Bakhtiari Dam with a height of 315 m, as the world's highest concrete double arch dam, has the largest artificial water storage in the country, while the volume capacity of the dam will be 4.8 billion cubic meters. 
As the region is impassable, upon the dam construction and impounding, the agricultural lands will not be flooded and no large permanent village will go under water.
Bakhtiari Hydroelectric Power Plant’s capacity is 1500 MW, while the annual energy production of the dam, by a factor of 20 percent performance, will be about 3,000 GWH.
The most important features of the project are its significant role in water storage and control according to the high volume of the water reservoir, controlling the seasonal floods and improving safety conditions in the downstream, preventing Bakhtiari Dam’s sediment from entering the reservoir of Dez Dam, and as a result increasing the useful life of Dez Dam and Power Plant, as well as the possibility of producing clean energy at peak hours of daily and yearly consumptions.
By using local human forces at the time of implementing, Bakhtiari Dam and Power Plant will have an important influence on the regional employment.
Improving economic, social and cultural conditions  in the region, creating the possibility of development and investment within the plan, improving  welfare of residents living in the region, promoting education and health level, as well as increasing the per capita income due to the job creation, better use of the regional tourism capabilities , increasing  region’s share  in the development  of the country, improving communications and ground transportation through the creation of access roads, increasing  value-added of services in the project’s area, are among the economic, social and cultural effects of undertaking Bakhtiari project.





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