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News: Karun 3 Health Center Opens




Karun 3 Health Center Opens  


Karun 3 Dam and Power Plant project successfully inaugurated Karun 3 Health Center in Dehdez City, Khuzestan Province.
According to a report released by IWPCO’s PR, announcing the news Eng. Karimi, Executive Director of Karun 3 project said: “Aiming to address the health needs of area residents, Dehdez Health Center was constructed on a land with 3500 square meters area, based on the latest standards.”
Signaling that upon opening, the project will be hand over to Health, Medical and Sciences Office of Khuzestan Province, he added: “In two floors, the center has sections such as surgery room, radiology, laboratory, as well as maternity and baby health with the most advanced equipments.”
Pointing out that Karun 3 Health Center is located in one of the deprived regions of the Province, the official noted: “In the upper floor of the center two apartments, with double beds, as well as two suites with all equipment are constructed for non-indigenous staff.”
He asserted that in the center, in addition to civil power supply, the emergency power systems, equipped with a diesel unit with a capacity of 250 KW is executed.
Likewise, the heating and cooling systems of the center include 29 splits, with 24,000 capacity, in a bid to comply the best regional standards.
 The Executive Director of Karun 3 project added that the center's communication system is equipped with 16 civil digital input lines, as well as 300 inner lines.
Also aiming to comfort the patients, the external campus, with 3 thousand square meters, is created with appropriate green landscape.
It is worthy to mention that, with a height of 205 meters, Karun 3 concrete double arc dam is the second highest dam in the country, while the lake of the dam is 60 km long and its reservoir volume is 3 billion cubic meters. Also with the generation capacity of two thousand and 280 MW, the power plant is the leading hydroelectric power plant in the country.
The basic income of Karun 3 project, merely out of electricity generation, is 3220 billion Rials per annum, while the savings resulting from the lack of fossil fuel consumption and environmental emissions production is estimated to be 1180 billion Rials annually.
Karun 3 Dam and Power plant is located in the northeastern of Khuzestan Province, near Izeh – Shahr-e-Kord axis, 28 km of Izeh City.





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