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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Unlike Some Sites News; Upper Gotvand Dam under Implementation  

News: Unlike Some Sites News; Upper Gotvand Dam under Implementation




Unlike Some Sites News; Upper Gotvand Dam under Implementation 


While some news sites, as well as media reported that the process of the country's largest construction projects is halted, Executive Director of Upper Gotvand Dam and Power Plant projects announced that the  project is under implementation with a proper speed and quality.
Denying the news published in some media about the halt or accelerating the operation, Eng. Karim Sheybani asserted: “There is no irrational and unreasonable pressure for finalizing the project sooner, and Gotvand Dam plan is operating based on the schedules in all technical and operational aspects.”
Executive Director of Upper Gotvand Dam and Power Pant noted that the total operation is undertaken based on the patience, care and technical points according to the time table.
Signaling that, enjoying over one billion and five hundred million Tomans investment, Gotvand Dam is the largest project in the country, he asserted: “The government, Ministry of Energy, as well as Iran Water and Power Resources Development Company are concerned about the qualified implementation of the project, thus the Province and Ministry of Energy’s officials are completely informed about the process of the project operation, so there is no pressure on the Dam’s impounding operation.”
Commenting on the salt out-crops, as one of the causes of Dam impounding operation’s delay, Eng. Sheybani, explained: “There are six formations in Gotvand reservoir, while one of them is a salt out-crop. Currently, some measures are undertaken for preventing the probable water quality decrease in the downstream.”
Pointing that numerous studies are conducted in this field by utilizing domestic and oversea experts and the investigations history of the formation goes back to early 2022, he said: “For the time being, the executive operation, as well as packing for covering the areas with salt out-crop is ongoing. Moreover, the gaps created due to the dissolution of salt are being filling.”
Likewise, Sheybani unveiled his concerns regarding the financial issues of the project and cited: “As we are approaching to the end of the Iranian year (started on March), there are some concerns that the project may face lack of finance, yet the government, Ministry of Energy and IWPCO will undertake all efforts to meet the required credit for the project.”
Referring to the desired progress of the project, especially during the last  two years,  he emphasized: “ It can surely  be said that the speed of project undertaken ,as well as the volume of  the carried out operations in the last two years, were far more higher than the entire measures conducted  in the previous 15 years.”
Commenting on the executive operation of Upper Gotvand Dam’s impounding, announced to be on September 2010 by the Minister of Energy, the official clarified: “The initial operation of the Dam’s impounding is incepted and definitely it will be step by step, hence in every phases not only the technical issues will be considered, but also will be ensured about the quality of work.”
One again, he assured that the mentioned formations in the Dam’s reservoir will not cause any problem regarding the quality of water in the downstream and the operations are undertaken merely to be ensured.
“However, we are importing the best and most advanced measuring equipments for testing water quality, so that there will be the least challenge in this regard,” he stressed.
Upper Gotvand Dam and Power Plant, as one of the largest infrastructural and national projects in the country, is the last dam under construction across Karun River. With the largest water reservoir on the Karun River, the Dam is known as the country's highest earth dam.
The site of Dam and its power plant is located at 380 km away from the River estuary, 25 km North of Shushtar City and near Gotvand City.
With more than 80 percent progress, and an investment of more than one thousand and five hundred Tomans, the project is under construction.





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