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News: Seymareh Dam to Impound by 2011




Seymareh Dam to Impound by 2011 


Minister of Energy, Governor, Representatives of Ilam, as well as officials of the province’s Water and Power Workshop visited Seymareh Dam and Power plant on Sunday, October 17, 2010.
As carried by IWPCO’s PR, at the beginning of the visit, while welcoming the delegation accompanied by Minister of Energy, Eng. Seyed Mohammad Reza Rezazadeh, Managing Director of Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co., stated: “According to the plans, the impounding operation of 180 meters Seymareh  Dam will be finalized by the end of current Iranian Year(March 2011).”
Putting the physical progress of Seymareh Dam and Power plant at 78 percent, he noted: "On the other hand 93 percent of power plant’s construction, as well as 40 percent of its equipment is completed.”
Managing Director of Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co .mentioned that so far out of the total 558 thousand cubic meters of concreting Seymareh Dam’s body, about 494 thousand cubic meters (89 percent) is implemented.
Signaling the revenues of the plan, Eng. Rezazadeh said: “Flood control, generation of  clean hydroelectric energy, balancing network electricity load, allowing power exchange with neighboring countries, as well as improving the regional development are the major advantages of Seymareh project.”
He then noted that along implementing Seymareh Dam and Power plant, carrying out Ilam pumped storage power plant project, with thousand megawatts of capacity, an earth dam with 75 meters height, as well as an upstream reservoir with 5 million cubic meters volume is predicted.
Likewise, referring to Seymareh Regulatory Dam, to set up 8 km downstream of the project, the official said: “The first stage of Seymareh Regulatory Dam’s study is finalized. As an earth dam with clay core, the dam’s height will be 23 meters.”
"The volume of body embankment will be about one million cubic meters and the volume of the created reservoir will be 20 million cubic meters,” he added.
Eng. Rezazadeh called for more cooperation and support of the regional and provincial authorities to expedite the land acquisition operations, as well as executive operations of Seymareh plan.
Calling forecast and allocating required funds for projects such as Seymareh, Ilam Pumped Storage Dam, as well as Seymareh Regulatory Dam critical, he stated: “In terms of engineering, very valuable operation is undertaken for Seymareh project, indicating creativity of Iranian engineers."
Managing Director of Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co also said:
“According to the Minister’s emphasize on permanent tracking of the process; the live images of projects such as Seymareh workshop, Karun 4, Upper Gotvand ,and Siah Bisheh can be monitored from the office of Minister of Energy.
In this meeting, Eng. Mohammad Rahbari, Executive Manager of Seymareh project introduced the plan’s profile, and said: “Seymareh Power plant, with three 160 MW units, has the capacity of generating 850 GW hours of electricity per annum.”
Executive Manager of the project noted that based on the plans, the first unit of Seymareh Power plant will be launched by March 2013, while other units will enter the circuit within two months.
Putting the expended credit for the plan as of 564 million dollars, he cited: "In the current Iranian year (Started on March) 160 million dollars of funding is considered for this project.”
Eng. Rahbari estimated the land acquisition costs for Seymareh plan to be over 100 million dollars and added: “So far, 800 hectares of the area’s land is owned.”
commenting on the archaeological and cultural heritage activities, he clarified: “Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. was a pioneer in carrying out related studies and signed a contract of about 800,000 dollars with Archaeological Institute of Cultural Heritage in 2008 to carry out exploration operation in 22 areas.”
Executive Manager of Seymareh project announced that the current trend of institute’s operation is not satisfying.
“Concerning impounding of the dam as of 2011, it is necessary for the Archaeological Institute to follow up the issue with more consistency and speed.”
Eng. Rahbari called lands’ acquisition and providing financial resources as the most important issues facing Seymareh project, saying that currently over two thousand people are working in Seymareh workshop
Also at the meeting Eng. Majid Namjoo, Minister of Energy appreciated the efforts undertaken by all involved in Seymareh plan and said: “We are proud of the Iranian engineers implementing such huge project.”
He clarified that it should not be allowed that such major national projects face different problems.
He also called for special attention and cooperation of authorities and officials of the province to facilitate the process of Seymareh plan’s land acquisition.
At the end of the meeting, Minister of Energy along with the delegation visited the various parts of Seymareh Dam and Power Plant’s workshops.”





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