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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Karun 3 Saves $637 MM Fossil Fuel  

News: Karun 3 Saves $637 MM Fossil Fuel




Karun 3 Saves $637 MM Fossil Fuel 


Since launching in 2004, Karun 3 hydroelectric power plant saved 6370 million dollars worth fossil fuels.
According to a report released by IWPCO's PR, announcing the news Eng. Seyed Mohammad Reza Rezazadeh, Chairman and Managing Director of Iran Water & Power Resources Development Co. said:" Upon generating electricity from water stored behind the Karun 3 Dam, the power plant produced about 14,000 GWH energy since the first unit's operation in March to the end of June 2004."
"If the power plant was to produce electricity from fossil fuels, it had to use about two billion and 837 million cubic meters of gas, 341 million liters of gasoline and 605 million liters of oil fuel, while its dollar value would be equal to 6370 million dollars," he added.
Commenting on Karun 3 hydroelectric power plant's performance, Managing Director of Iran Water & Power Resources Development Co., stated:"In addition to helping control the frequency and setting times of electricity networks across the country, due to not consuming fossil fuel in the process of electricity production, the power plant played an important role in reducing the consumption of fossil fuels, as well as decreasing environmental pollution."
Signaling the high consumption of fossil fuels in the country and notification of general policies in reforming the pattern of consumption by the Supreme Leader, Eng. Rezazadeh noted:"The current situation of fossil fuels consumption in our country leads us toward other methods of electricity production and today hydroelectric power plants are the best way to reduce fuel consumption in the process of producing electricity."
Likewise, referring  to the heat in summer causing  the two day offs in the country, as well as increasing the hours of peak electricity consumption, he pointed that even though hydroelectric power plants generates about 6 percent of the country's electricity, the share of the aforementioned plants in summer peak hours increased to 12 percent.
"If the hydroelectric power plants did not back the country's electricity production and distribution networks, we would witness a lot of power outage," he clarified.
 It is worthy to mention that, Karun 3, as Iran's largest hydroelectric power plant prevented the dispersion of about 2 millions and 520 thousand tons of carbon, while the dollar value of the environmentally friendly operation is equivalent to USD 238 million.
 Karun 3 hydroelectric power plant , with a capacity of 2280 MW, is able to produce 4,172 million kilowatt hours of electrical per annum and if the goal is achieved the revenue from the sale of power generated by the power plant is expected to be about two thousand million dollars (according to the current  prices).
 Karun 3 Dam and Power Plant is located in North-East of Khuzestan Province, near Izeh - Shahrekord roadside and 28 km of Izeh city.





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