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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Aras Hydropower Plant Produces 1700 GWH Annually  

News: Aras Hydropower Plant Produces 1700 GWH Annually




Aras Hydropower Plant Produces 1700 GWH Annually 


Seyed Mohammad Reza Mir Tajoddini, parliamentary deputy of president visited Aras Hydropower Plant.
According to a report released by IWPCO's PR, at the beginning of the visit, Mr. Rezazadeh, managing director of Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. provided some explanation regarding Aras project, located at Iran- Armenia.
He notified that having an executable code, as well as the required budget is essential for incepting the project's operations.
Likewise, Eng. Foroughi, Manager of Aras plan's affairs introduced the project and said that Aras Hydropower Plant project, with 260 MW installed capacity, bears two 130 MW power plants located in the lands of the two countries (Gareh Chiller in Iran) and (Meghri in Armenia), while upon construction and exploitation of the project,about 1700 GWH energy will be produced from Aras River.
Signaling that the second study phase of the project is undertaken, he mentioned that Aras hydroelectric project has two deviation dams, as well as two water transmission tunnels.
"The first dam is a concrete one, located at the beginning of Iran- Armenia border. With a height of 8 meters, the dam has a 5 million cubic meters reservoir.
Manager of Aras plan's affairs unveiled that the second dam is set up in Iran's Sedaghat station. With a height of 9 meters, the concrete dam has a reservoir with 5 million cubic meters volume.
He noted that the implementation of the project will be finalized in a 6 year time table, while the cost will be about 3200 billionRials for each country.
Referring to the revenues of carrying out the project, the official said: "Cost -benefit economic index of Ghareh Chiller plant is 1.55 and the internal rate of return is 13 percent, while the cost -benefit economic index of Meghri plant is 1.39 and the internal rate of return is 12 percent.
Calling land acquisition and low compensation of dam's reservoir as another feature of the project, Eng. Foroughi asserted:"Carrying out the project will improved the environmental conditions of Aras River, while it will also strengthen the relations between Iran and Armenia.
"Agreement bill of construction and utilization of Aras plant, with 13 articles, was presented by the Department of Energy and approved by the Parliament. Currently, it is presented to Parliament in a bid to pass the legal procedures and it would turn in to a law if it is approved," he pointed out.
At the end of this session, parliamentary deputy of president acknowledged the efforts undertaken by all involved with the project and noted:"The approval of the bill will be followed in the parliament as soon as possible."
Aras Hydropower Plant's site is located in East Azerbaijan province, between Iran and Armenia border.





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