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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Minister of Energy Visits Upper Gotvand Dam's Workshop  

News: Minister of Energy Visits Upper Gotvand Dam's Workshop




Minister of Energy Visits Upper Gotvand Dam's Workshop  


Eng. Namjoo, Minister of Energy, his Deputy, Eng. Attarzadeh, and Eng. Rezania, Managing Director of Water and Electricity Organization in Khuzestan visited workshop of Upper Gotvand Dam and its power plant.
As carried by the news site of IWPCO, after visiting different parts of the project, Eng. Rezazadeh, Managing Director of IWPCO welcomed the participants and stated that Upper Gotvand Dam, as the highest rock-fill dam in Iran, is the result of the attempts made by the people who are thinking about the development of the country.
"Upper Gotvand Dam, with the second largest water storage tank, as well as being the last ring of the Karun River's dams, plays a very important role in water regulating of the province," he noted.
Stating that the plans for the project have gone very well and witnessed an appropriate growth, Managing Director of IWPCO cited:" With double efforts and endeavors, we can see the impounding of this great dam in the second half of the year and it will be launched in early months of the next year."
Pointing out that the executive agents of the project are ready for impounding operations, Eng. Rezazadeh expressed hope that the result of Minister of Energy's visit will be providing sufficient funding for carrying out the project.
Likewise, in the meeting the consultant of the project presented a report on the process of activities, undertaken plans, as well as the financial problems.
Moreover, Eng. Mozaffari, Consultant of Energy Minister called Upper Gotvand plan as the most complex structures of the country and said that the technical issues of the plan should be followed with intelligence; hence the consultant of the project should pay proper attention.
Commenting on the financial issues, Eng. Mozaffari cited:"Ministry of Energy should make some efforts to provide financial resources for the project so it can come to stream in the current year."
Also in the meeting, Eng. Attarzadeh stated that all the problems of the project have to be solved with the efforts of those involved in the plan, so the impounding operation can be incepted.
At the end of his speech, he thanked all the authorities involved in Upper Gotvand Dam, especially Eng. Mozaffari
Mr. Namjoo, Minister of Energy also underlined that in such atmosphere, when the engineers of the country are capable of doing such great work, we will feel proud of being Iranian.
"You should always remember that the person who creates this transformation in our country was great Imam Khomeini. He marked a path for us, while we have a long way to reach its depth," he added.
He clarified:"I hope that with God's mercy, we can serve people by using our talents."
Likewise, Minister of Energy appreciated the efforts of Eng. Mozaffari and said that Energy ministry decided to add Eng. Rezazadeh to the body of the Ministry and use his capabilities.

Referring to providing finance for Upper Gotvand project, he called for the interaction of other organs, as well as in charged institutions and stated: "The progress of the project was really good and it will be finalized soon, yet all the issues should be followed with sensitivity."
Signaling to Gotvand workshop as a university, Eng. Namjoo asserted:" We have to use this opportunity to train manpower because our country and even other countries around the world are so hungry for these technical and engineering services."
Concerning that Upper Gotvand Dam is considered as the country's highest rock-filled dam, he mentioned that its operation and maintenance requires trained people.
Minister of Energy stressed that re-employment of the plan's human forces after this project is another important issue and the concerns of the employees should be solved by proper management and planning.
In this regard he asked for forming a working team and interacting with officials of the region.
Eng. Namjoo mentioned that in current Iranian year (started in March) about $ 7 billion will be allocated to Energy Ministry in a bid to solve the financial problems, so great projects can be carried out.
"We should do everything to be assured that our managers are not concerned about providing funding on time, as this causes technical and engineering creativity in our plans,"Minister of Energy clarified.
He also noted that in the opening day of the plan, the efforts of all the people involved in the project will be appreciated.
At the end of his speech, Minister of Energy acknowledged the attempts of those involved in Upper Gotvand plan.





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