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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Minister of Energy Honored All Involved in Karun 4 Dam &Power Plant's Project  

News: Minister of Energy Honored All Involved in Karun 4 Dam &Power Plant's Project




Minister of Energy Honored All Involved in Karun 4 Dam &Power Plant's Project 


 Eng. Namjoo, Minister of Energy and his Deputy, Eng. Attarzadeh, visited workshop of Karun 4 Dam and its power plant.

As carried by the news site of IWPCO, after visiting different parts of the project, an appreciation meeting was held for those involved in Karun 4 Dam and Power Plant project.At the beginning of the ceremony Eng. Rezazadeh, Managing Director of the company welcomed the participants and called Karun 4 project as a symbol of the slogan "we can".He said that the project manifests the efforts undertaken by committed Iranian experts.

Karun 4 project enjoys some of the best features as it is the highest double curvature arch concrete dam, while its height above the foundation is 230 m. The project set a new record of monthly concreting, 89 thousand cubic meters, in the construction projects of the country.

 It also has the largest gate, 320 meters, and finally it is the most native dam project in the country from planning, construction and equipment points of views, "he added.He underlined that at the same time we achieved an investment worthier and superior than water reservoir and producing energy in this and similar projects and that is the growth and development of human forces that are committed and creative.Eng. Rezazadeh appreciated the efforts undertaken by those involved in the project, especially Eng. Mozaffari, former Managing Director of Iran Water and Power Resources Development Company.Likewise, Eng. Ranjbaran, the Executive Manager of Karun 4 Dam and power plant said that currently more than 600 million cubic meters of water (three times more than the capacity of Karaj Dam) is stored in Karun 4 Dam.

Pointing out that the water storage capacity of the dam is 2.2 billion cubic meters, he declared: "Karun 4 power plant generates more than 2 million GWH clean energy per annum.""Karun 4 Dam is the most indigenous dam in the country and 85 percent of the power plant is designed and constructed by the Iranian experts," Eng.

Ranjbaran mentioned.Referring to the impounding of Karun 4 dam, as well as Upper Gotvand Dam in summer, he noted:" Based on the plans, the chain of Karun River's dams will be completed and 12 billion cubic meters of water will be controlled. In addition, there is a good potential in these areas for creating centers of tourism, water sports and aquaculture."He further said that upon construction of the country's largest bridge on the Karun 4 Dam's Lake, the area will turn to one of the most beautiful places in Chaharmahal &Bakhtiari province, leading to the progress and development of the province.Moreover, the Executive Manager of Karun 4 Dam and power plant thanked all contractors and consultants of the project and praised the memory of all the men who died in this way.

He ended his speech with appreciating the efforts of Eng. Mozaffari, former Managing Director of Iran Water and Power Resources Development Company.Likewise, Eng. Mozaffari thanked all involved in the project for giving birth to this great project.Honoring the epic movement of IWPCO's colleagues in Karun 4 dam's impounding process he said:"Impounding of this huge dam is a very sensitive task, so we should not let the speed operation and acceleration in the impounding to cause less care .

The project's accuracy and technical issues have to be followed carefully by the consultant team."Eng. Faraji Azad from Mahab-Qods Consulting Company presented a report on Karun 4 Dam's construction and impounding processes.In addition, stating that all projects are the scenes of IWPCO's colleagues efforts in the field of reconstruction, Eng. Namjoo, noted:"In the beginning of 'Double Ambition, Double Endeavor year', the efforts undertaken by IWPCO's staff is really worthy."Stressing that before impounding of Karun4 dam, the level of anxiety was so high, Minister of Energy cited: "Your efforts and endeavors in the impounding of the dam went well and I must thank and appreciate your efforts."Signaling that it was the first impounding of a dam in the presence of the President, he noted:"Karun 4 Dam is the first dam designed and constructed by Iranian experts.""Currently we have many dams under construction, so we have to document the undertaken efforts, and use the experiments in carrying out offered oversea projects," Eng.

Namjoo clarified.Referring to his three wishes in the current Iranian year (started in March) Minister of Energy cited:"I wish that with the attribute of you, as the dam construction experts, Iran's highest hydroelectric concrete dam (Karun 4) will be inaugurated officially, highest rock-fill dam of the country (Upper Gotvand) will be impounded and the operation of the highest concrete dam in the world (Bakhtiari) will be incepted in the current year.

"At the end of his speech, Eng. Namjoo thanked and praised the efforts of all managers who worked really hard since the start of the project till its end.At the end of the ceremony, some of the colleagues of Karun 4 project were appreciated by receiving memorial plaque.






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