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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Dr. Ahmadinejad: I appreciate the efforts undertaken by those involved in construction of Karun 4 Dam  

News: Dr. Ahmadinejad: I appreciate the efforts undertaken by those involved in construction of Karun 4 Dam




Dr. Ahmadinejad: I appreciate the efforts undertaken by those involved in construction of Karun 4 Dam 


Impounding of Karun 4 Dam was launched in the presence of president and representative of supreme leader in Chaharmahal Bakhtiari, as well as the officials of both Chahar Mahal & Bakhtiari and Khuzestan provinces.
According to a report released by IWPCO's reporter, in the inaugural ceremony of Karun 4 Dam, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, speaking with wireless , addressed the officials and those involved in dam construction , called dam construction as a great honor and appreciated the efforts undertaken by activists and professionals associated with the construction of Karun 4 over the years.
"I appreciate the efforts of all activists involved in the field of dam construction especially those involved in Karun 4 Dam," he added.
The president of Iran stated that the opening of the dam under the name of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (S.A.) will bring blessing and prosperity for the Iranian nation, as well as people of Chaharmahal Bakhtiari, and Khuzestan.
"Following the construction of Karun 4 Dam, we should move towards greater and more effective measures that will contribute to the flourish of our beloved country Iran," he said.
The order of Karun 4 Dam's impounding was issued by the president and it was implemented by the representative of the supreme leader in the name of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (SA).
Dr. Ahmadinejad emphasized: Development and prosperity of a country is not possible without water and energy
Attending the gathering of experts and those involved in the construction of Karun 4 Dam, President asserted: "Energy and water issues are the most important issues all over the world as development and prosperity of a country is not possible without water and energy."
The president noted that the importance of proper use of water resources and energy in our country is higher than other countries as the rate of rainfall in Iran is so low.
Stating that the process of implementation of projects will be with the double speed in this year, President said:" A prospective and comprehensive plan to curb the country's waters is defined in the ninth and tenth government agenda, while country's greatest projects in electricity and water fields are under implementation now."
Ahmadinejad pointed out that fortunately today in terms of science and technology, specially dam construction, Iran is self- sufficient.
"Our experts and scientists should also focus on oversea projects and accept the projects that are undertaken in foreign countries. The government has dedicated a proper figure for backing farmers in the funds of current year so it is expected that the standards of irrigation will be progressed by the efforts undertaken by Agriculture, Industries and Mines, and Energy ministries as it is the way to save the future of the country," he said.
The President called consumption as the most important issue in energy and water section and said:" We hope to triple the cultivation by utilizing new irrigation methods in the agricultural sector. Likewise,power consumption in our country is higher than the limit and it should be prevented so the national and natural resources can be exploited to achieve development in the country."
Ahmadinejad asserted that the most important factor in returning the wealth of nations is determination.
"People should demand the government and Parliament for an improved management for efficiency and better use of national resources. Today the entire country has turned into a large working group and the government is working on the small projects like establishing a library in the village to the highest political actions and activities, "he stressed.
He also underlined that all determinations, efforts and ideas have to be used in the service of Iran's development so the country will be on the roof of the world as the Iranian people deserve the best. All the conditions including culture, people, resources, best talent and capacity are provided in Iran for reaching the peak.
Reminding that the domineering regime intends to mislead the nation from the path of dignity and honor, the President said:"Today Iran is at the highest point of authority and sovereignty, while the domineering regime is in the downhill path and it needs to know that the only way to save the friendship with the nations is to abandon their dishonesty.
Eng. Abul Ghasem  Mozaffari ,Managing Director of the company in the beginning of the ceremony ,presented a short summary report of the world's hydroelectric power plants and said: "During the fifth plan more than 95,000 GWH hydroelectric energy will be produced ,while the save of not consuming gas will be over 26,000 million cubic meters."
Signaling the aims of constructing Karun 4 Dam, he said:"Annual production of two thousand and 100 GWH hydroelectric energy, creating 2.3 billion cubic meters water in the tank, and joining the group of chain dams such as Karun, controlling the water of river and destructive floods are the main objectives of undertaking this great national project."
According to him, with the efforts of Iranian experts a new concrete record was set in Karun 4 Dam with89 thousand cubic meters in month and it is an honor in the field of dam construction in the country.
Mozaffari noted:" The Company's commitment to the implementation of road in Manj - Bydeleh in the axis of Karun 4 to the Khuzestan, has witnessed 100% progress, while the progress in Khuzestan- Shahrekord axis is going on with 50% speed."
Accordingly, so far more than 8400 billion rials is invested for this great national project.
Minister of Energy also appreciated the efforts of Iranian experts and engineers and emphasized that by the efforts of Iranian experts and engineers the operation of dam's impounding was undertaken a year earlier than the set timetable.
Stressing that in the preceding year long steps were taken to reduce energy consumption, Majid Namjoo noted: "In the current year, the department is determined to follow the aims defined by the Supreme Leader in a bid to promote Islamic Republic of Iran."
According to him, due to the recent drought, impounding of Karun 4 Dam was a desired operation for water storage in the upper Karun, and there is a hope that Gotvand Dam in Khuzestan province and downstream of Karun 4 will also be impounded.
"Karun 4 Dam is the highest concrete double arch in the country that all the stages of construction have been undertaken by Iranian engineers and specialists.
Pointing the naming of current Iranian year as the year of double effort -double work, he noted: "The ministry will work with more effort and speed to carry out prosperous plans especially dam construction for reaching the country's economic development goals."
Namjoo said that Energy Ministry has long-term, medium term and short-term plans to reduce energy consumption in the country.
According to him, implementation of Karun 4 Dam asks for more than 12 thousand billion rials, while for construction of the alternative roads one thousand and 200 billion rials has been allocated.
"With the utilization of Karun 4 Dam one thousand megawatts of clean electricity will be produced in the country," he clarified.
Karun 4 Dam is located in Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari province within 180 km southwest of Sharekord city.






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