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News: Take Over of Tajikistan Isteghlal Tunnel




Take Over of Tajikistan Isteghlal Tunnel 


On Wednesday August. 30, 2017 the Isteghlal tunnel of Tajikistan, was taken over to the ministry of transportation of Tajikestan.

According to the report, "prepared by public relations of Iran Water and Power Development Company", in the committee of project take over, there were Mr. Azim Ebrahim, the deputy of prime minister of Tajikistan, Khodayarzadeh, the minister of transportation, and Mr. Akhavan, the project director and the representative of Iran Power Ministry, the consultant representatives (pars Dam and tunnel company), contractor (Sabir), and more than 30 representatives of ministries, organizations, committees and different governmental offices of Tajikistan.

The important and strategic Isteghlal tunnel is located in the route of Dushanbe city and khojand town, in which it would connect the north and south of the country. It was designed by the research institute of Moscow in 1984, during the Soviet Union government and the executive work began in 1988. This task was stopped after the dissolvation of the Soviet Union. In 1999, the Tajik contractors started the construction in which the speed of the work was not acceptable.

In 2004, the task was transferred to an Iranian company, and the excavation was finished within two years. Unfortunately after excavation and before completing the other activities, the Tajikistan government ordered to inaugurate the project.

As of May 2014, the Iranian government and Tajik government has signed an agreement to complete the project.

Errors and inaccuracy in designing the tunnels, and due to the significance of the tunnel, permitting the traffic flow via signing a waiver form noting potential hazards such as flooding and smog from construction equipment operation inside the tunnel prior to the final construction phase and poor operation have caused some damages to the project.

Due to high volume of seepage and penetration of water from ceiling, and walls, destruction of the concrete pavement and etc. caused some difficulties for the traffic flow. Therefore; the task was among the priorities of both countries.

As of May 2014, the Iranian government and Tajik government had signed an agreement to rehabilitate the project.

Now rehabilitation of the tunnel finished and all the leakage problems and concreting the base and lighting the tunnel is done.

Hopefully, this valuable experience would be the beginning of attendance and presence of Iran Water and Power development company in big and super international projects.





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