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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Iran Launches First Micro Hydro Power Plant  

News: Iran Launches First Micro Hydro Power Plant




Iran Launches First Micro Hydro Power Plant 


Iran's first domestic micro hydro power plant successfully underwent operational trials on September 6th ,2014 in an official ceremony attended by Iran's acting Energy Minister, members of Research and Innovation team from Ministry of Energy as well as IWPCo 's CEO. Three different typical Micro hydro power plants have been manufactured in this stage.
Pointing to the goals underlying micro hydro power plant manufacture, S.M Reza Rezazadeh, CEO of IWPCo., said that taking into account the Subsidy Reform Act and Iran's movement toward liberalization of Energy price, plus more than 300 potential locations available in Iran for installation of Micro hydro plants, all make it an excellent opportunity to take a step forward toward producing clean energy.
He also added that initial studies carried out in Iran identified 368 locations in Iran. This led to the design of three typical micro hydro power plants that can cover most of these locations. Then, in the manufacturing stage, three different types of power plants with the capacity of 8, 22 and 50 Kilo watt were designed and made by Iranian engineers within a year.
"These generators can be installed in sea-farms, control rooms of dams, along river paths, irrigation canals, water pressure reduction stations and remote areas. They have also the capability to join the power grid."
"After installation of these three types of generators and monitoring their functionality and correction of faults, we are going to launch a new advertisement program to encourage use of micro power plants in hydro industry. The initial commercial plan would include manufacturing 60 sets of micro turbines (20 sets of each category)."    
Rezazadeh also hoped that local generation of power will more encourage contribution of private sector in this process. This can help reduce loss of energy over power transmission.
"Ordinary people can operate and use these micro hydro plants. This was a key point and was considered in the selection of type and size of example power plants. They were selected so that they could cover a great range of use by people. So, with encouragement and manufacture of these power plants in commercial scale, people who have enough access to water can generate the power they need by purchasing a micro hydro power plant instead of diesel generator. This would cost less for people than buying diesel generator."
"Generating clean energy is a way to minimize negative effects of pollutants on environment. Micro hydro power plants are compatible with environment and their development would open up some new opportunities for governments. This is an international issue and is discussed nearly in all countries regardless of being rich or poor." "Energy consumption in developing countries is not optimal, comparing to developed countries. Average energy consumption equal to 1 million dollars in developing countries is about 240 tons of crude oil while it is about 290 tons in developed countries. So, there is a great capacity for saving energy in developing countries. "
Human beings would face energy crisis in coming years. Therefore, we should inevitably manage and balance energy generation and consumption. One of the confident ways to solve this problem will be generating energy from renewable sources, independently from government. In this case, private sector will be able to satisfy its own energy demands without putting pressure on power grid. This, in turn reduces environmental pollutions as well."
One of the existing ways to produce local energy is through using micro hydro power plants. Micro hydro power plants that can produce up to 100 kilo watt can be installed in many places of Iran. So, it is necessary to localize the knowledge of design and manufacture of micro hydro power plant equipment in Iran so that private sectors can use it independently and freely.
Contribution of private sector in generating local power, localization of micro hydro power plant knowledge, support of national products and capitals, generation of clean and renewable energy in remote areas where it is difficult or costly to connect them to national grid, less pollutant release, improvement of passive defense concept and increasing Iran's security can be considered as some general advantages of this project.     
Great available potentials such as Zagros and Alborz mountain ranges, increasing demand and const of energy carriers, support of local capitals and markets, job creation, providing remote areas with energy, cost reduction of power transmission over lines, less diesel use for power generation and improvement of environment are some reasons that justify implementation of the project.





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