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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Lavarak power plant production exceeds 80 Gwhr  

News: Lavarak power plant production exceeds 80 Gwhr




Lavarak power plant production exceeds 80 Gwhr 


The underground power plant of Lavarak has provided Iran's power grid with more than 80 gwhr of energy.
According to IWPC's PR office, the 47 mw Lavarak power plant is located 40  km north east of Tehran and at the upstream of Latian dam. The first unit of Lavarak came on stream in March 2013 in a ceremony named "ceremony of self-belief" in the presence of deputy of Iran's energy minister.
The second unit also joined Iran's electricity grid shortly after the first unit.
Lavarak underground power plant was excavated 210 m under the ground to complete parts of water conveying system from Lar dam to Tehran's fifth water plant as well as adding 47 mw to Iran's grid capacity.
Taking into account Lavarak project, H.Etaati the executive officer of operational projects in IWPC said that Lavarak power plant is one of the medium profit-making plants in Iran.  He also added that since Lavarak is close to Tehran it can operate in motor mode and therefore remarkably help regulation of grid voltage.
Highlighting Iranian expert's capabilities in solving technical, design and operational problems of project, J. Hojati the head of Lavarak power plant added that many of power plant key operational factors such as temperature of shaft's pads, lubrication, vibration and etc. have improved and are in good condition now. Since some design problems have been resolved, units can operate in a more reliable level of security.
It is worth mentioning that Lavarak power plant operation date was postponed for two years due to obstructionism of foreign experts. The plant could finally come to stream by the sheer help and knowledge of Iranian experts.    





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