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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Gotvand Power Generation Exceeds 2200 GWhr  

News: Gotvand Power Generation Exceeds 2200 GWhr




Gotvand Power Generation Exceeds 2200 GWhr 


Upper Gotvand power plant, whose yearly power generation can switch on 70 million energy-saving light bulbs, has generated more than 2200 GWhr of energy since its operation.
According to IWPCO's PR releasing the news, G. Samandegani , Gotvand's head manager of mechanical and electrical equipment,  said that four units of Gotvand has up to now generated 1900 GWhr of hydro energy since its operation which is estimated to be more than 25000 US dollars.
Construction of Gotvand power plant started in 2007 and it has the highest power generation capacity among Iran's hydro power plants. Gotvand plant generates green and clean energy and is an environmentally friendly plant with an abundant resource.
Gotvand plant can also remove limitations of upper plants in generating power at power grid demand times and guarantee security of power grid as well as controlling its stability.
The first unit of Gotand came to steam on May 6th ,2012 and its last unit was commissioned and joined  power grind in February,2013.
Generating 4500 GWhr of energy per a year, Gotvand plant tops Masjedsoleyman ( 3700 GWhr) and Dez(2700 GWhr) plants.            




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