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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Second Unit of Lavark Power Plant Joins the National Power Network  

News: Second Unit of Lavark Power Plant Joins the National Power Network




Second Unit of Lavark Power Plant Joins the National Power Network 


Lavarak second unit of underground power plant, which had been brought to a halt due to cut of diplomatic ties of Iran with Canada followed by Canadian supervisors leaving Iran, was successfully connected to Iran's power network as a result of great efforts of indigenous experts and specialists.
According to IWPCO's PR Office announcing the news H. Etaati, executive officer of IWPCO's operating projects said that after rectification of design defects and improvement of insulation the second unit of Lavarak power plant connected to the national power network.
Leaving of Canadian supervisors lengthened time of project and imposed additional costs to project. Canadian refusal had us focus on commissioning the power plant by our own indigenous experts. Correction of design defects and reinstallation of power plant equipment were mainly carried out based on available knowledge and experience and fortunately led to launch of first unit in March 2012, followed by second unit in July 2012.
M.Moradi, the head of technical and engineering affairs of Lavarak also said that the considerable length of shaft as well as the rotation speed of 750 rpm were the two unique features that raised doubts about the further implementation of the project after supervisors' leaving the project and breach of contract guarantee. We tried to employ highly skilled indigenous experts and could overcome all problems one by one that finally resulted in successful attachment of unit to national grid.
Reviewing the process of commissioning the second unit, Hojati, the head of Lavarak Power plant said that despite imposed sanctions the whole process of installation, setting and performing tests were carried out without any foreign help. Besides, some of the existing problems such as high temperature of bearings, lubrication and vibration were also resolved by the help of innovative initiatives.
47 mw Lavarak hydro power plant is located 40 kms north-east of Tehran, upstream of Latian Dam. The first unit of plant came to stream at the presence of deputy of minister of energy in March 2012 accompanied with a ceremony entitled "national self-confidence".
Lavarak project includes a power plant dug 210 m below the natural ground surface. The project is also considered part of overall water supply pipeline that carries water from Lar dam to the fifth water treatment plant of Tehran. Lavarak can provide the national network with 150 gwhr of energy per year.
Lavarak power plant has so far produced 62.4 gwhr of energy as of its attachment date to national power grid.     





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