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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Bakhtiari to Create More Than 10000 Jobs in Lorestan  

News: Bakhtiari to Create More Than 10000 Jobs in Lorestan




Bakhtiari to Create More Than 10000 Jobs in Lorestan 


At the peak time of construction, Bakhtiari will directly provide 11000 people with jobs.
According to IWPCO's PR Office announcing the news, H. Ranjbaran, chief executive of the project, said that construction of Bakhtiari makes a great stride in providing jobs in Lorestan Province. He also added that more than 11000 people will directly and 30000 people indirectly are involved in Bakhtiari construction at the peak time of construction. 
He also went on to say that from the beginning of the project in 2005, when construction of infrastructures started, 900 people and mostly natives were directly and 3000 people indirectly were employed in technical, operational and administrative sections of the project.  Ranjbaran also noted that Bakhtiari is a double arch concrete dam that is 325m high and is currently being built 80 km south east of Khoram Abad City. It involves 4,800,000 cms of concrete placing and when constructed it can generate 3000 GWHr of electricity per a year. Bakhtiari creates a reservoir 60 kms long which holds 5.2 billion cubic meters of water. Second to Kharkheh, the reservoir will be Iran's second biggest reservoir.
Improving Iran's power generation capacity, regulating bigger amount of water in Dez watershed, trapping sediment and lengthening service life of downstream Dez dam, regulating water for Dez run-of- river plants in downstream, controlling seasonal floods, creating jobs and entrepreneurship as well as developing tourism are the key objectives that the project is pursuing. He also added that more than 60 million US$ has been spent so far on the project and it bears 15 percent physical progress.
Bakhtiari is going to be the world's tallest double arch dam that is located 80 kms south east of Khoram Abad City in range of high Zagros Mountains. It is near Tange-Panj railway station, the 8th station on Darood-Andimeshk way.  





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