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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > River Diverted in Chamshir Dam and Hydro Power Plant  

News: River Diverted in Chamshir Dam and Hydro Power Plant




River Diverted in Chamshir Dam and Hydro Power Plant 


In an official ceremony held on Thursday May 9th,2013, Chamshir River diverted in the presence of Namjoo, Iran's minister of energy.
According to IWPCO's PR Office, S.M.R. Rezazadeh, CEO of IWPCO describing measures carried out in the project said that Chamshir diversion tunnel , 12 m in diameter and 715 m long has a circle-section and is located on the left bank of river.
Providing water for irrigation of about 110 thousand hectares of lands, flow control and regulation of yearly 1.8 billion cubic meters, as well as generation of 482 gwhr hydro energy are among the main objectives that Chamshir project seeks.
"By the end of previous Iranian year, the project faced 11 percent progress. Chamshir is considered an extra-ordinary project in the area and plays an important role in developing four Provinces of Iran including Fars, Booshehr, Khuzestan and Kohgiloyeh-boyerahmad.
The project is built under an EPCF contract and is worth about 229 million Euros.
Chamshir dam was designed to be 155 m high , and possesses a reservoir of about 1800 mcm. The dam is located in Kohgiloyeh-boyerahmad Province of Iran, 25 km south-east of Gachsaran city.", said Rezazadeh.
Concrete Lining of Chamshir Diversion Tunnel Finishes 
Speaking on concrete lining task, Rezazadeh said that the work has recently finished using 44000 cubic meters of concrete.
18000 m3 of concrete was attributed to portals and transitions of the tunnel while 26000 m3 was employed for concreting tunnel floor, wall and headings. The tunnel was built in 8 months.
Main Contract of Chamshir Irrigation and Drainage Network Signed 
"The main contract of Chamshir irrigation and drainage network was signed" said Rezazadeh. He added that the contract is worth more than 125 million US$ and introduced Parab Fars company as the consulting engineering and joint venture of Taban, Sabir and CGGC as contractors of the project. He went on to say that Chamshir is IWPCO's first project in such a field and when completed more than 36000 hectares of Booshehr Province lands can be irrigated.
Diversion of Zohre River at Regulatory Dam of Chamshir network
Speaking about Chamshir network elements, Rezazadeh detailed on the regulatory dam which will be built on Zohre River.
The dam is of concrete type and will be 216 m long and creates a reservoir of about 4 mcm. The reservoir will annually transfer 514 mcm to Liravari Plain in Booshehr Province by means of transmission pipelines and tunnels.
Rezazadeh also asserted that in the first step it is necessary to construct a bridge to transfer equipment and TBM parts needed for excavation of tunnels, dam foundation and abutments. Beforehand, diversion and dewatering of riverbed are inevitable.
A trapezoid canal 565 m long and 20m wide was dug on the left bank and seven pipes each 1.6m in diameter were placed at canal intake. This serves as a temporary bridge and provides access to river banks.    





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