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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Siabisheh Power Plant Connects to Power Network  

News: Siabisheh Power Plant Connects to Power Network




Siabisheh Power Plant Connects to Power Network 


The first unit of Siabisheh power plant was synchronized with Iran's national grid and connected to it.
According to IWPCO's PR Office, F. Akhavan Asl, the chief executive officer of project announcing the news said that Siabisheh is Iran's first pump-storage project and its CFRD dams are first of their kinds ever built in Iran. It is considered one of the biggest hydro facilities in the area and even the world.
"The official ceremony of commissioning the first unit of power plant is to be conducted with the presence of officials and local authorities in the near future.", he added.
"Each of the other three units is to be commissioned sequentially at three month intervals.", he said.
Siabisheh power capacity is 1040 mw in turbine mode and 960 mw in pump mode with a pumping head of about 500 m.
F. Akhavan also asserted that such a power plant improves network stability and security and comparing to thermal plants its shut-down and commissioning costs are less. While little affected by hydrological regimes, it can help extend service life of thermal plants.
At the end, he acknowledged all the project staff who involved in building the project and added that up to now the project has cost about 333 million US$ and all its four units come to stream by the end of Iranian year ( March 20th).  




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