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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Gotvand Dam and Hydropower Plant Inaugurated in the Presence of President Ahmadinejad  

News: Gotvand Dam and Hydropower Plant Inaugurated in the Presence of President Ahmadinejad




Gotvand Dam and Hydropower Plant Inaugurated in the Presence of President Ahmadinejad 


In the afternoon of April 22nd , 2013 and in the presence of President Ahmadinejad, Gotvand Dam and Hydropower Project came on stream.
President Ahmadinejad inaugurated the project by spiritual Holy words of "Imam Mahdi" and said that Gotvand dam and hydro power plant as Iran's highest earthfill dam entailed a great degree of technical complexities and was successfully designed by Iranian experts.
He added that with the full operation of this dam, our integrated plan for Karun River is completed and an amount of 4500 mcm of water is added to Iran's water reservoirs.
He also mentioned the audience that with the help of this big project the cycle of power generation and water consumption is balanced in the country.
The president also pointed to the 90-km long reservoir of Gotvand and said that while regulating power and water in Kuzestan Province, this project has provided an attractive resort for tourists.  
Pointing to Gotvand Project, he said that four units with the total capacity of 1000 MW are launched in the first phase and another 1000 MW can be added in the extension phase with further design and installations.
He congratulated Iranian nation, engineering society, contractors, consulting engineers and workers on the great scientific accomplishments recognized.
In the end of his speech, he sincerely acknowledged all people involved in construction and operation of Gotvand.
Regarding Gotvand, S.M.R. Rezazadeh, CEO of IWPCO asserted that more than 30000 billion Rials ( about 850 million US$) was allocated to the construction and commissioning of Gotvand project.
Clarifying Gotvand goals and benefits, he added that the project mainly seeks to store and regulate about 5000 mcm of water for drinking, farming and industrial consumptions in Kuzestan Province as well as providing the national power network with more than 2000MW of hydro energy that adds up to about 5000 mwhr per year.
Rezazadeh also said that creation of such big water reservoir has blessed the area with different sorts of water use and consumptions including irrigation of farming lands, breeding of fish and other aquatic animals, tourist attractions and improving environmental diversity. The area had also the great potential to attract huge investments.
Speaking about other side achievements of the project, Rezazadeh said that by making Gotvand the international position of Iran among hydro power energy producers rises and this will facilitate and increase  the presence of Iranian contractors and consulting engineers in foreign countries.
Then he proceed with mentioning project features and said that Gotvand is the tallest earthfill dam in Iran and is located near Gotvand city  in Kuzestan Province. The dam is of earthfill type with clay core and is 182m high and posses a 760 m long crest.
He noted that Gotvand is the treasure of Iranian efforts and knowledge and thanked all the people who went through many consecutive years of constructing this project and hoped that this precious economic capital paves the way for exhibition of economic valor in the year named "The Year of Political and Economic Valor" by The Grand Supreme Leader.       




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