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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Bakhtiari, World 's Highest Dam, Kicks off in the Presence of Mahmood Ahmadinejad  

News: Bakhtiari, World 's Highest Dam, Kicks off in the Presence of Mahmood Ahmadinejad




Bakhtiari, World 's Highest Dam, Kicks off in the Presence of Mahmood Ahmadinejad 


In the presence of Mahmood Ahmadinejad, the construction work of Bakhtiari, world's tallest dam, started on Monday, March 25th,2013 .
"What matters more than construction of world's tallest concrete dam is manifestation of self-esteem and faith In God throughout the country" said Ahmadinejad after the kick-off ceremony, according to IWPCO PR office carrying the news. "We won’t forget the time when we were not let in and were dependent on others even in construction of small dams, they themselves used to design and construct ", he added.
He also said that Bakhtiari reservoir stores about 5200 mcm of water and mentioned that one of the best ways to manage water in Iran is "building dams". He also pointed to 1500 mw plant of Bakhtiari in first phase and 1000 extra mw capacity in extension phase and said that satisfying downstream water demands and power generation in summer are side blessings of this project.
He noted that the length of Bakhtiari reservoir is more than 69 kms and, when impounded, it can turn into the best resort for water sports and fishing activities. In another part of his speech he pointed to the complexities of carrying out this project and proceeded that we were supposed to use foreign credits, but they wanted to implement the project through employing their own contractors. Since it is estimated that the project will cost more than 1 billion dollars, we decided to build this massive project by the capable hands of Iranian.
He congratulated people of Lorestan, local officials, and project staff on building the world's tallest dam and stressed that by Allah's favor and grace, Iranian nation will overcome all obstacles and nothing can hinder Iran progress. He also asserted that construction of Bakhtiari will show the world great determination of Iranians to progress and proves that political pressures and economic sanctions have no effect.
Also in this ceremony Majid Namjoo, the minister of energy gave a lecture and explained his overall plan and continued that "what we fist focused on in our program was finishing previous started projects such as Gotvand and Siahbisheh". He also added that our second vision was starting long-term projects such as Bakhtiari and Garmsiri that will finish in future governments. Our third attitude was water transmission from Caspian Sea to central plateau of Iran. He also mentioned Lorestan projects which are to be carried out by water sector and added that currently 10 dams are under construction by regional water department as well as 4 national dam and irrigation/draining projects.
Then S.M. Reza Rezazadeh, CEO of IWPCO started his speech and introduced Dez, Karkheh and Karun watersheds  and pointed out objectives and benefits of these projects for Iran and continued that the purpose of making this dam is building a 1500-mw power plant that generates 3000 Gwhr of energy and controls 5 billion cm of water in Dez and Bakhtiari watersheds.
He also said that by building Bakhtiari it is possible to prevent entrance of Bakhtiari River sediments into Dez reservoir and lengthen its service life. "It also provides a secure reservoir for 3 run-of-the-river plants located downstream between Bakhtiari and Dez. This allows optimum management of water resources to increase cultivable lands downstream and control devastating seasonal floods" he added.
Rezazadeh also commented on financial resources of this project and expressed that according to a letter signed by board of ministers, the assets of Shahid Rajayi 1 and 2 and Masjed Soleyman plants can be allotted to construction of Bakhtiari.
After Rezazadeh , Dehmordeh , governor of Lorestan Province gave a lecture and mentioned that in the year of political and economic valor and despite all hardships imposed by enemies we witness the start of the world's highest dam here.
He presented a report and announced increase of investment in Lorestan and thanked Bakhtiari staff. Then Hojatolislam Mir-emadi , Supreme leader representative and leader of Friday prayer in Lorestan stated that Bakhriari project is a big step toward applying supreme leader pronouncements  in exhibition of economic  valor. He also emphasized that due to these improvements and promotions Iran is considered a great country among others.            
Bakhtiari dam and power plant is a double arch concrete dam located 80 kms south east of Khoram Abad in the high mountains of Zagros. It is near Tange-Panj railroad station ( the 8th station between Dorood and Andimeshk).  
This dam is 325 m high and spans a crest of 509 long. The dam involves 4800000 cm of concreting work.
Bakhtiari power plant is of cavern type and includes 6 units with the capacity of 250 mw. The plant has been designed to produce 1500 mw of energy in the first phase which means 3000 gwhr per year. 





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