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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > IWPCO's CEO: Iran's Self-sufficiency in Design and Construction of Mega-dam Projects  

News: IWPCO's CEO: Iran's Self-sufficiency in Design and Construction of Mega-dam Projects




IWPCO's CEO: Iran's Self-sufficiency in Design and Construction of Mega-dam Projects 


The construction of world's tallest dam is to be started by the end of Iranian calendar (March 20th 2013) in Lorestan Province of Iran.
S.M.R. Rezazadeh, Iwpco's CEO, announcing the news added that Iran has a long brilliant background of one thousand years in construction of hydraulic structures and used to own the world's tallest dam until 19th century.
He went on saying that Iran's precipitation is almost one-third the world's average record. "The precipitation is not distributed well during the year and this necessitates storage of water".
He also emphasized the role of hydro power plants in securing power-grid stability and said that hydro plants are superior to thermal and nuclear plants since they can rapidly attach and detach from power grid.
He also noted that the number of dams built before Iran's Islamic revolution was limited to 19 totally capable of storing 13.2 billion cubic meters. Seven hydro dams with total capacity of 1780 MW had been built before Islamic revolution whereas this number rose to 611 dams with total reservoir capacity of 50 billion cubic meters currently under operation. This success achieved through self-confidence and believing our local experts' capabilities. Now we have 21000 mw of hydro energy under study or construction in Iran.
He also added that we were dependent on foreign countries for design, construction and operation of hydro dams before Islamic revolution of Iran. Dez is a typical example of such dams designed by American, constructed by Italians and operated by Canadians. But after Iran's revolution, dam industry was promoted by indigenous experts and fostered by our own capabilities.
He also referred to the impounding of Siabisheh pump-storage dam and said that it is Iran's first pump-storage project and the plant will join Iran power network by the end of Iranian year.
He also mentioned that when it operates, Siabisheh will add 1040 Mw to power peak and help stability of network.     
"It's been very hard for Iran to reach self-sufficiency and we faced a lot of difficulties and challenges along this way. The reputation we have in the world was acquired through a rough and long journey. We owe this to faith and trust of God as well as determined wills of young managers and experts.
He also pointed out that Iran exports technical engineering works to foreign countries.
"Iran provides African countries, South America, Middle East and Central Asia with technical engineering works and they have expressed their satisfaction. Pointing to River of Karun as Iran's highest flow River and Karun 4 dam as Iran's tallest dam , he noted that Iran is within the first three countries worldwide, taking account the number of under construction projects.
We commenced Bakhtirari, world's tallest double-arch concrete dam with the height of 325m in Lorestan Province of Iran. This dam can produce 1500 mw and lengthen the service life of Dez Dam and prevent forming devastating floods in downstream areas.
We turned the western's tight sanctions into opportunities in dam construction industry. We reached self-sufficiency in design and construction of hydro power projects and are seeking self-sufficiency in designing and manufacturing power plants. We will unveil and operate the first turbine manufactured by indigenous experts in the next six months.
We plan to build a laboratory of testing hydro power plants in the next Iranian year to become more self-reliant and to reduce dependency on foreign countries.





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