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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Impounding task of Siabisheh Upper and lower dams fulfilled  

News: Impounding task of Siabisheh Upper and lower dams fulfilled




Impounding task of Siabisheh Upper and lower dams fulfilled 


As impounding of upper and lower dams as well as the right water conveyance tunnel of Siabisheh pump-storage project finished, the countdown to the launch of first power plant unit began.
According to IWPCO's  PR Office carrying the news, in a ceremony attended by deputies of energy and transportation ministers and Mazandaran local and provincial  authorities, the successful tasks of impounding upper and lower dams as well as right water conveyance tunnel and completion of road replacing tunnel were highlighted and celebrated on Jan 14, 2013.
In this ceremony Alireza Daemi , deputy of energy minister in water and wastewater affairs, acknowledged all involved in project and said that Siabisheh pump-storage project is considered one of the biggest Mehre - Mandegar (lasting affection) projects and it has bestowed self-confidence to Iran.  
He also emphasized the significant role of Siabisheh in improvement of network stability and added that Siabisheh is considered one of the large- scale projects in Iran and worldwide.
He also stressed that the project was implemented despite the presence of tight sanctions and added that this issue doubles the value of project and indicates that we can do great jobs on our own.
He also went on to say that Iran is ranked among the top three countries in the world that have built the highest number of hydro power projects. Iran is implementing more than 21 hydro projects worldwide and this is a great honor brought to our country.
Then S.M.R. Rezazadeh , CEO of IWPCO started his speech and said that construction of such large projects was once unreachable and impossible by Iranian's experts. Now, such big projects are solely built and organized with the help of Iranian engineers.
He also added that before Islamic revolution dam construction industry was totally dependent on foreign countries, but now Iran can design, build and operate such projects.
Rezazadeh also pointed to the construction process of Siabisheh dams and said that project activities accelerated within the last three years and they are now proved to work out.
"Pump-storage projects produce 3% of world power demand and they are employed to meet power peak and transfer off-peak load to high-peaks. They maintain the stability of power grid and regulate it.", he said. 
"Since the attachment of thermal and nuclear power units to power grid is lengthy and costly, the pump-storage plants are employed to make the attachment and detachment of units faster and possible within a few minutes."
"Due to the proximity of the project to the congested road of Chaloos, delivery of cargos to the site entailed delicate programming. This made us build some bulky equipment on-site. "
"Construction of a steel pipe of about 500 meters long was one of the other grueling tasks involved in this project. Excavation of a long water conveyance tunnel and a power plant cavern 300 m below the surface of ground are some tasks that might not be easily seen from open space."
He then compared pump-storage projects with hydro dams and added that since water has to be circulated all day long among dams and other structures, in order to prevent occurrence of possible damages, special care and technical provisions need to be considered.
"This project generates about 1040 MWhr of hydro energy, approximately the same as Karun 4 project. Considering the agreements made with the deputy of energy minister in energy affairs, currently construction of new pump-storage projects such as Azad, Seymareh and Roodbar-Lorestan are on the docket. "
Then F. Akhavan Asl, the main executive officer of the project went on to say that during the last century 130 thousand MWs of pump-storage plants were constructed in the world 70 thousand MWs of which were in Europe and 24 thousand MWs in Japan while 1940 MWs were in middle east.
"These projects improve the stability of power grid, store energy in off-peak hours and regulate power demands which in turn increases power grid efficiency." , he said. 
F. Akhavan Asl added that the first unit will be ready to join the network when the pre-requisite tests complete. The other three units are also to be connected to the network successively each in two-month intervals.
"Siabisheh project has two concrete face rock-fill dams and a cavern power plant with the capacity of 1040 MWs. "
"The differential level of the two dams is about 500 m and each of dams forms a reservoir of about 3.5 mcm. Fortunately, the impounding procedure of these dams has completed and they are ready for the next step. "
"Installation of 130 steel-pipe segments each of them 5 to 10 m long and 5m in diameter in the two inclined shafts was a very difficult task that took about one year."
The project so far has cost about one billion dollars. The road replacing tunnel is about 600m long and 11 m in diameter and was built in two years. The tunnel was opened to traffic in the presence of Khakian, the deputy of transportation minister.
Siabisheh pump-storage project, facing 97% progress, is located 125 km north of Tehran. It is located in Mazandaran Province of Iran and is accessible via Karaj-Chaloos road. The project is scheduled to be exploited in the current Iranian year (ending in March 2013).




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