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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Installation of Hydro-Mechanical Equipment in Siahbisheh Finishes  

News: Installation of Hydro-Mechanical Equipment in Siahbisheh Finishes




Installation of Hydro-Mechanical Equipment in Siahbisheh Finishes  


As installation of the last accordion-shaped part of equipment in Siabisheh dam and hydro project accomplished, the hydro mechanical installation work of equipment, weighing more than 10000 tons, reaches its end.
Announcing the news, F. Akhavan Asl, the main executive officer of the project added that taking into account the complexity involved in installation of some parts, the work rate has been unique comparing to other similar projects.
He also mentioned that this success was achieved in spite of imposed sanctions on imported raw materials, some of which necessary for manufacturing special alloys.
He continued that Siabisheh, Iran's first pump-storage project, includes two tunnels. "In this big project, heavy set of upstream trash rack, emergency and service gates were installed with the weight of about 306 tons. Part of steel lining of Siabisheh surge tank, weighing more than 1200 tons, included steel lining of horizontal and vertical sections as well as Y-branch part that needed great complexity in manufacturing process."
"The length and diameter of tunnels are 250 m and 5 m, respectively.  Tunnels' steel lining weighs about 2400 tons. In this power plant, the unique manufacturing and installation of accordion-shaped set with the weight of 700 tons has been carried out."
"One of the greatest complexities that we faced in this project was installation of hydro- mechanical equipment in inclined shafts. In this part, more than 130 segments of steel lining with the diameter of 5 and variable lengths of 5, 7.5 and 10 m were installed in about one year with the help of shuttle device. "
"All the gates of upstream cofferdam as well as downstream trash rack weigh 150 tons. Upstream Y-branch with the weight of 1000 tons has segments with the sickness of up to 200 mm that were made out of S690 QL and involved special complexity in welding stage."
In the end he added that downstream stoplog gates and their relevant room weigh more than 400 tons and, in turn, is considered one of the biggest considering dimensions and weight.
Siabisheh pump-storage project, facing 96% progress, is located 125 km north of Tehran. It is located in Mazandaran Province of Iran and is accessible via Karaj-Chaloos road. The project is scheduled to be exploited in the current Iranian year (ending in March 2013).    





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