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News: Meghry Power Plant Kicks off




Meghry Power Plant Kicks off 


In an official ceremony attended by Iran's Minister of Energy and Armenia President, the construction work of Meghry Power Plant kicked off.
S.M. R. Rezazadeh, CEO of IWPCO, announcing the news added that Aras power plant with the generating capacity of 260mw is of run-of-the- river type and includes two 130 mw units that locate in Iran ( Ghareh Chilar) and Armenia (Meghry). When operated, Aras plant will be able to produce 1700 GWHr of hydro energy in a year.
"Aras project includes two diversion barrages and two water-conveyance tunnels", he said. He also mentioned that the first diversion barrage is 8 m high and of concrete type and is to be built at the very beginning of common borders of Iran and Armenia. The barrage will possess a reservoir with the capacity of 5 million cubic meters (mcm).
"The second diversion concrete barrage is 9m high and is to be built near Sedaghat military station. The barrage will form a reservoir with the capacity of 5 mcm. ", he added.
Short land acquisition process and little reservoir formation damages are two important features of this project. Besides the consolidation of mutual relations, the implementation of the project will improve the Aras River environment. "It is worth mentioning that according to the negotiations conducted between the two countries, IWPCO was assigned as Iran's ministry of energy representative to supervise the construction process of Meghry plant in Armenia and Iran territories.
Rezazadeh also added that the construction period will take 5 years and cost 560 million US$ for Armenia. He also asserted that the greatest part of the work includes construction of two 8.5 in diameter tunnels with the length of 17800 and 18200 m in Iran and Armenia, respectively.
He also pointed to the agreements made with Armenia on the construction of this project and mentioned that final agreements were signed by Tavanab Aras Company to invest for building Meghry Plant. "After 15 years of operation the ownership of the plant is transferred to Armenia", he stated.
"In this way the power plants of the two parties are designed and constructed by Iranian companies and the exploitation rights of the power plant as well as generated power are given to Iranian companies until the elapsed period of capital return.              





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