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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Seymareh Water Release Helps out Farmers of Ilam and Khuzestan  

News: Seymareh Water Release Helps out Farmers of Ilam and Khuzestan




Seymareh Water Release Helps out Farmers of Ilam and Khuzestan  


Nearly an amount of 350 mcm is to be released to meet the agricultural demands in Ilam and Khuzestan Provinces, said Eghbalmanesh, the executive officer of Seymareh dam and hydro power plant, announcing the news.
The drought has had such a dramatic effect on water yield of Kharkheh River that almost 70 percent of Karkheh Reservoir is still empty, he emphasized. 
"Although Seymareh dam has not been fully impounded yet, it has been ordered by Ministry of Energy to release 350 out of total 490 mcm of its water storage to satisfy the demands of farmers in Ilam and Khuzestan Provinces."
One of true vocations of Seymareh dam is regulation of water and the dam proved it can fulfill the vocation in due time even partially impounded.
He wished the amount of precipitation in the west part of Iran in current year would be as high as it has been predicted to pave the way for commissioning tests of first unit of Seymareh plant. 
Talking about the current situation of Seymareh construction process, he declared that they are approaching final stage of dam body and spillway concreting and added that according to the project schedule concreting will be finished by January, 2013. The first unit of power plant will be installed by February, 2013. Second unit is to witness 90 percent progress by the end of Iranian year (March 20th, 2013). The third unit will be completed by the end of September, 2013.
He also asserted that we have no specific technical problem in building Seymareh dam and hydro plant.
Seymareh double arch concrete dam is 180 m high and is considered Ilam's highest dam. Seymareh power plant includes 3 units of 160 mw and is capable of generating 850 GWHr of energy per year.
Seymareh dam and power plant is being constructed on Seymareh River at the border of Ilam and Lorestan Provinces. It is located about 700 kilometers southwest of Tehran, and 40 km northwest of Darreh Shahr City in Ilam Province.





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