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News: Norooz message of CEO




Norooz message of CEO 


Dear my colleagues and Friends ،
Once again our tremendous efforts and grueling work is interrupted by the gentle breeze of spring which invites us to see and hear the rhythm of newborn blossoms praising, admiring and worshipping The Almighty God.
We passed another year full of thrills and enthusiasms to prosper our homeland Iran and as Norooz comes our eager and hopes become even greater to sincerely serve people.
The achievements obtained in the past year through your efforts in different projects and fields of activities were actually much greater to fit within a conventional year. Inauguration of Karun 4 concurrently with ceremony of self-sufficiency in dam construction industry , impounding of big dams such as Seymareh and Gotvand and other remarkable achievements in small and large scale projects , efforts for providing financial credits from different sources , increase in IWPCO's share of credit sources as well as holding the international conference on dams and hydro power all made the previous year laborious and in my opinion is an obvious example of "Economic Jihad".
I heartily congratulate you all and your families on the occasion of Norooz and honor your great response to the Islamic Scholar Leader's call in the past year. 
I'm sure in the coming year with trust in The Almighty God and through empathy, goodwill and your firm decision, greater goals and success will be achieved in IWPCO's scope. I hope you duly do your best in playing your roles in a country where is considered to be the leader of World Islamic Countries and the oppressed inspiring hope.                   
S.M. Reza Rezazadeh
CEO and Head of Board of IWPCO's Directors
Great Events in the Past Year
Impounding of Seymareh Dam 
Payment of the first statement through China financing credit line 
Start of the IWPCO projects' operation 
Fulfillment of Karkheh cutoff wall  
Inauguration of Karun 4  
Self-sufficiency ceremony in dam construction industry 
Inauguration of Martyrs Bridge of Lali 
First stage of impounding Gotvand
Inauguration of  Lavarak the center for recording and preserving IWPCO's Documents 
Completion of  Chamshir diversion tunnel
Operation of Piran power plant 
Completion of Khersan diversion tunnel and access tunnel to power plant 
Second stage of impounding Gotvand
First international conference on dams and hydro power  
Selling bank participation bonds for Hydro power projects 
2778 MCM of water storage in IWPCO's Reservoirs
During the year
installing system of land ownership in most of the projects  
During the year
110 million USD revenue on electricity  
During the year
Karun 4 power generation of 1213052 MW








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Created at 3/17/2012 9:08 AM  by Sayed Mirzaee-Sayed Mohsen 
Last modified at 4/16/2012 1:58 PM  by mohammad-alireza