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News: Iran International Hydropower Plant Conference Kicks Off




Iran International Hydropower Plant Conference Kicks Off 


The First International and Third National Conference on Dams and Hydropower Plants opened in Tehran.
According to Conference’s PR, in the opening ceremony, Seyed Mohammad Reza Rezazadeh welcomed the domestic and oversea guests and congratulated Fajr decade, as well as the birthday anniversary of Prophet (PBUH) and Imam Jafar Sadeq (AS).
He called supplying water and energy as two main issues for reaching balanced development which has a dominant role in people’s welfare.
“Generating hydroelectric energy contributes to meeting two basic needs, as well as realizing another necessity which is preserving environment and reaching sustainable development,” he added.
Referring that generating per mega watt of clean energy will prevent emission of 635 kilograms carbon dioxide, Rezazadeh mentioned: “Planning for utilizing all usable potentials in setting up dams and hydropower plants is of a great importance.” 
The president of the First International Conference on Dams and Hydropower Plants put the share of hydro power plants in generating the word’s electricity at about 19%, and said: “In some countries, huge part of the consumed energy is met by hydroelectric plants, yet using the water energy for generating limited electricity depends on the existence of climatic conditions, topography, geology, environmental, social and economic situations.”
 He cited that the duty of engineers and experts in hydroelectric industry is using knowledge and experiences in the related scientific fields.
“The potentials of God-given nature should be actualized by comprehensive technical and environmental studies and applying the most appropriate methods, materials and equipment, the most economical strategies, as well as planning to attract the financial resources,” he added.
The official emphasized that the human being and nature have always been in desperate need for this resuscitative liquid, as it is a clean energy and can not be overlooked.
In another part of his speech, the president of International Conference on Dams and Hydropower Plants stated: “Our objective of developing and creating the required infrastructures is a type of development with the least damage to the environment and uses the latest scientific knowledge to secure humanity’s welfare.”
He clarified that the use of non-structural techniques besides the structural development and creation of infrastructure, balancing consumption, and using multiple criteria decision making methods are the most important measures.
The official noted that after the Islamic revolution, Islamic Republic of Iran carried out important operations by constructing small and huge hydro projects by concerning non-structural methods and the integrated management of water resources.
Signaling the operation of  large dams such as Karkheh, Upper Gotvand, Karun 3, Karun 4, Masjed Soleiman, as well as Seymareh, Rezazadeh cited : “In addition, construction of more than 500 small and large scale dams, bringing 8700 MW hydroelectric power plant into operation, having 6  thousand MW hydroelectric power plant under construction ,and study for the installation of 16 thousand MW hydroelectric power plant has created a significant engineering and technical capacity for the Islamic Republic of Iran.
He believes that holding an international conference in Tehran, attended by noble local and foreign experts is a good opportunity for exchanging knowledge and creating a tie between the industry and scientific centers.
The official expressed hope that due to the warm receiving of the sent articles, as well as the number of sponsors and conference attendants, it can be said that the International Conference on Dams and Hydropower Plants has reached its high objective.
At the end of his speech, the president appreciated the presence of the domestic and oversea guests.





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