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News: More than 1000 articles submitted to the conference




More than 1000 articles submitted to the conference 


More than 1000 articles were submitted to the conference as the deadline for articles expired, according to IWPCO's PR quoting Bozorgzadeh, the head of first international and third national hydropower conference organizing committee. "The conference got a warm unique reception from national researchers and experts as well as strong response from international experts." he said.
Comparing this conference with previous ones he added "effective and continuous close relationship of conference secretariat with universities, research institutes, contractors, consultants and employers in the field of hydropower generated an enormous wave throughout the country.
In addition to academic researchers who regularly study subjects and pen articles, the conference also provided industry experts with a good opportunity to write up their findings. Even in these early stages of conference, we can announce that conference has successfully attained one of its goals, which is 'documentation of hydropower knowledge' and 'turning implicit knowledge to explicit knowledge' ".
In part of his speech Bozorgzadeh also highlighted the role of his colleagues as well as other contributing hydropower experts and said that the conference is the result of a wide range of cooperation including university chancellors, faculty members, Ministry of Energy's officials and experts in different departments and companies such as Iran water resources management company, Iran water and wastewater company, Tavanir, Regional water organizations and consultant and contractor companies.
He also declared that the conference has aimed to improve relationship of universities with industry and to reveal Iran hydro power potentials and capabilities.
"Building up and updating a database of hydropower projects, contractors, consultants and human resources was another goal of conference."
"National articles were submitted from 28 provinces. This shows the widespread coverage of conference notification throughout the country, he asserted.
"The highest number of articles (560) belongs to "universities and research centers" section whereas 500 articles have also been submitted by "industry" section including employers, consultants and contractors. The appropriate shares of both sections prove that the conference has been based on dual purpose of research and industry that almost cover any subjects in hydropower."
The conference also received 150 international articles from 25 countries including Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, United States, Australia, Japan, England and some neighboring countries. Considering problems facing notification of conference at international levels, this justifies the notification process to be partly successful. He also hoped that presence of international attendees at conference and their visits to large-scale hydro-power projects help revealing Iran's potential for hydro-power.
He also noted that since articles increased considerably in number, to behave honorably toward authors, in the meeting attended by supporting company's delegates, conference program is reviewed. To increase the number of presentations, it is very likely to create two sections under the names of "industry" and "universities and research centers".
The third national and first international hydro power conference is held on 8th and 9th of February 2012 in IRIB International Conference Center.





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