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News: Piran Hydro Power Inaugurated




Piran Hydro Power Inaugurated 


Piran 8.4 MW Hydro Power Plant inaugurated in the presence of Kermanshah's governor, people's representative in parliament, IWPCO CEO and other local officials on Thursday November 24, 2011, according to IWPCO's PR announcing the news.
"Construction work of Piran started in 2008 , and completed in 2011" said Karimi the Executive Officer of small and medium scale hydro plants(S&MHPPs) in IWPCO.
He asserted that Piran project has two power units each generating 8.4 MW, and total 40 GWH of hydro energy per year.
"Piran can supply 30 and 70 % of Sar-e- pol- zahab power demand, including 175 villages, at peak and non-peak time, respectively. Piran project includes a 7.5 m high diversion barrage and a 9 km long conveying channel. 1700 m of siphon pipes were also constructed and installed in project. Piran reservoir stores 50000 m3 of water which enables the plant to generate major part of power demanded in area." he added.
"250 people were directly employed during construction stage. It is Kermanshah's first power plant and Iran's first plant in which Pelton turbine was installed." Karimi said.
He then appreciated the efforts of all involved in project, including local officials.
Following the meeting, Dadvash , Kermanshah's governor gave a lecture and thanked people who had worked in project and said " Foreign sanctions against Iran have been turned into great opportunities and massive projects are undertaken in Iran by domestic engineers."
Exploitation of Piran boosts Kermanshah's economy and improves living conditions."
Mr. Tajari, the representative of Ghasr-e-shirn , Gilan-e-gharb and Sar-e- pol- zahab cities in Parliament also expressed his gratitude to all involved and said " Piran's inauguration plays an important role in area development. Implementation of such civil projects is vital to Kermanshah".
Next, Rezazadeh, CEO of IWPCO, delivered his lecture and said "More than 15 million US dollars was invested in Piran project". He then explained the advantages of S&MHPPs and stated "these kinds of plants generate clean energy and do not cause environmental pollutions."
"Construction of such hydro plants boosts the economy in private section and helps entrepreneurship. This leads to development of Iran infrastructures."
"Today, the cheapest renewable source of energy is the energy produced by S&MHPPs. Fortunately, suitable heads exist within the country and Iran has a large capacity for construction of such plants."
“120 S&MHPPs with total power capacity of 415 MW have been already prepared. The studies show 2000 MW of energy is also achievable within the country." 
"Studies confirm possible potential of generating more than 4000 MW of hydro energy within Iran. Currently 2000 MW are in study phases. 
“Construction of S&MHPPs is a gate through which private section can contribute to projects. Their higher efficiency and lifespan, comparing to their lower financing and maintenance cost and shorter period of Return of Capital have made these projects highly reasonable and favorable from economic aspect.”
Rezazadeh asked authorities to pay close attention to S&MHPPs and said "All organizations should cooperate and encourage construction and spreading S&MHPPs knowledge."
Following the ceremony, Piran 8.4 MW Hydro Power Plant inaugurated in the presence of Kermanshah's governor and local officials.
IWPCO has so far launched many S&MHPPs including Shahid Rajayi (13.5 MW), Lavarak (47MW), Kohrang(35MW), Gamasiab(2.8MW), Sepidan(2.25MW), Yasooj Chain (16.8MW), Azimi(1MW), Lorestan 1&2  Dareh-takht(1.6MW) and Nav-Maran-Darjan-Kornogh-Gorni-Ardeh-Sarood micro power plants.





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