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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Iran builds first hydro plant in Kordestan Province  

News: Iran builds first hydro plant in Kordestan Province




Iran builds first hydro plant in Kordestan Province 


Iran is building the first 10 MW hydro power plant in Kordestan Province under a B.O.T contract. The installation of power plant equipment is about to start in the near future, according to IWPCO's PR Office releasing the news.
“After dedication of years of studies and research to acquire hydro turbine manufacturing technology, it was finally decided to design and build Azad HPP as the first independent plant that is totally built by Iranian experts. This is the dominant feature of this project”, stated Ahmadzadeh , the Executive Officer of Azad HPP.
"Following the decision made, a team of experts started their non-stop effort and tried to design, model and manufacture plant equipment including runner, governor and draft tubes. So far, a great deal of designing stage has been fulfilled " added  Ahmadzadeh. 
He then noted that draft tubes had already been manufactured and were ready to be transported to the site.
"Manufacturing of runners is to be completed, as well, while the plant generator will be transported to the site by the end of this year.
We are tracking our time schedule. The designing task of power plant building is complete and its physical progress reaches 20 percent.
I hope the remaining amount of work of power plant building and manufacturing equipment will be completed by the end of this year. According to the plan, units will join the network in October 2012.
Low investment , short period of Capital return , completion of study phase, 90% progress of power plant building as well as government assurance of purchasing energy from under10 MW generating power plants at a reasonable price are some features that have made this project seem appealing to the private section financing.





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