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News: Karun Symphony Completed




Karun Symphony Completed  


Karun Symphony will have been completed by August 24,2011 , concurrent with the week named "Government Week" in Iran , according to Abbas Azad, the production manager of Karun Symphony.
After two years of intensive work, the studio recording stage of the symphony finally finished and it is now ready for public performance, Azad noted.
The symphony was composed by Majid Entezami and the poem was by Mohamad Abdolhoseini.
At present, we are doing the associated mixing and mastering work of the pieces. The symphony includes four movements named as "water and brightness", "self-belief"," self-sufficiency" and "splendor of Karun".
The symphony is premiered on September 20th, 21st and 22nd, 2011, concurrent with the week named "Holy Defense" in Vahdat Hall.
The singer of the studio recording stage was Salare Aghili , but the singer for public performance has not been chosen yet, Azad added. 
Karun Symphony was intended to reflect the capabilities of Iranian engineers in making dams using aesthetic means of poem and music. Each of the symphony movements tries to introduce Karun River as an invigorating source which inspires life and brightness.
Karun Symphony was produced based on an agreement signed between Iran Water and Power Resources Development Company and Iran Music Association.





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