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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Iran's Highest Earth-fill Dam Impounded in the Presence of President Ahmadinejad  

News: Iran's Highest Earth-fill Dam Impounded in the Presence of President Ahmadinejad




Iran's Highest Earth-fill Dam Impounded in the Presence of President Ahmadinejad 


Upper-gotvand (Gotvand-olya) earthfill dam, 182 meters high, was impounded in the presence of President Ahmadinejad, Namjoo, Minister of energy, Khuzestan governor and MPs as well as other local officials on Thursday July 30, 2011.
According to PR of IWPCO announcing the news, Mr. Rezazadeh, CEO of IWPCO said "Upper-gotvand is a 182 meter earth-fill dam with clay core. The length of reservoir reaches 90 kilometers and it can control devastating floods of Karun River and mitigate drought impacts on Khuzestan Province.
"With 4 power units developed in the first phase and 4 others joining in second phase, Upper-gotvand power plant can generate 4250 MW per year"
"Second to Karkheh, Iran's largest dam reservoir, it can retain 4.5 billion cubic meters of water. It is the largest reservoir formed on Karun River as well."
Mentioning features of the project he added "Upper-gotvand is one of Iran's outstanding projects. Its total cut and fills exceeded 80 million cubic meters, more than 32 millions of which was allocated to Dam embankment. Totally 27 kilometers of tunnels were excavated and 2.2 million cubic meters of concrete was placed."
"Upper-gotvand will be superior to other Iran's hydro plants in power generation. Two units are already complete and ready to be launched if reservoir level permits. Two other units will be completed by the end of September."
Considering Gachsaran formation located 4.5 kilometers upstream of the dam and extended 2500 meters into reservoir , he noted that among the proposals received it was decided to stabilize the slopes using four 20 meter-high berms and cover them with earth fill materials. Besides, a protective plan of filling 120 sinkholes was also carried out.
Rezazadeh also asserted that Gachsaran formation does not affect quality of water. He said approximately 12 million dollars has been spent on protective plan so far.
He further added that power plant equipment weighs more than 9 thousand tons. It includes turbines, generators, butterfly valves, governors, transformers and cranes. 
He pointed out that Geysar Aminpour bridge (named after deceased Dr. Geysar Aminpour) and Martyrs bridge of Lali (460 meters long with composite structure) were constructed upstream of Upper-gotvand to maintain connection of Lali with Khuzestan province.
Upper-gotvand cost more than 1360 million USD. Taking into account the scale of the project, it may be the last large-scale earth fill dam which is constructed in Iran.
Over 10 thousand people, most natives, were employed in the project. Only 15 percent of human power was non-native who were most specialists and experts.
Stage by stage impounding is applied to Upper-gotvand. In the first stage, water is maintained at elevation of 140 leading to storing 280 million cubic meters of water. Technical aspects are fully observed and state-of-the- art instruments are used to monitor water quality. Second and third stages include impounding up to elevations of 160 and 180, respectively. We hope water level reaches 180m by the end of March 2012 which is the minimum elevation required for launching power plant.
Upper-gotvand revenue on power generation is approximately 800 thousand USD per day.
Mr. Rezazadeh also commemorated workers who lost their lives and acknowledged those involved in the project.
After Rezazadeh , Namjoo , ministry of energy started his speech and added that Iran ,after China and Brazil, is considered the third active country in the field of dam construction.
Currently, there are totally 585 dams in Iran which store 41 billion cubic meters of water and generate 8400 MW of hydropower energy. Besides, 331 other dams capable of storing 11 billion cubic meters and generating 15 MW of energy are under construction.       
More than 30 GW of undeveloped hydropower capacity was recognized and is under study. Iranian engineers have acquired comprehensive knowledge of hydro turbine design and soon start manufacturing hydro turbines.
Since Upper-gotvand was an ambitious project with large complexities, state-of-the-art engineering technology was applied in construction process.  The success achieved affirms Iran's capability and progress in construction of large hydro dams.            
 Then, President Ahmadinejad in his lecture elaborated the procedure of implementing a hydro power project and added "thanks to endeavors and commitment of Iranian engineers, the whole process of Upper-gotvand construction was accomplished using local engineers."
President Ahmadinejad believed that directing Upper-gotvand construction activities required great efforts and high knowledge of management. He acknowledged all people involved in the project and added "New projects should be planned and developed to maintain employment of active human power of project."
At the end, President congratulated Iranian engineers and brave and honorable people of Khuzestan on the occasion of Upper-gotvand impounding.
Upper-gotvand dam, located 5 kilometers away Gotvand city in Khuzestan, is currently the highest earth-fill dam in Iran





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