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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Iran's Longest Cable-stayed Bridge Inaugurated  

News: Iran's Longest Cable-stayed Bridge Inaugurated




Iran's Longest Cable-stayed Bridge Inaugurated  


Martyrs Bridge of Lali, Khuzestan Province, was inaugurated in the presence of Rahimi , First Vice President, Namjoo, Minister of energy , Khuzestan governor and other local officials.
Rezazadeh , CEO of IWPCO announcing the news said that the bridge is a subproject of Upper Gotvand ( Gotavand-olya) Dam and Hydro power project and boasts exclusive features.  Lali Bridge is 460 meters long and the height of piers reaches 75 meters. The pylons are 68 meters high and the bridge provides a 13.5 meter carriageway as well as two meter clearance for carrying oil and gas pipelines.       
He also added that when Upper Gotvand Dam is impounded, 20 kilometers of Masjed-soleyman to Lali road would be flooded. So, Lali Bridge and its relevant roads were designed to maintain the connection and replace submerged roads as well as crossing oil and gas pipelines.
National Iranian South Oilfield Company (NISOC) cooperated in carrying and construction of pipelines. The fist pipeline crossed the bridge in June 2011.
Rezazadeh noted that the cable-stayed bridge includes metal deck, cable stays and concrete piers and pylons. The bridge was erected using cantilevering approach and is 155mhigh from river bed. 
He also added that construction of 16.4 kilometers of roads in the mountainous terrain of Lali was really challenging and entailed 4 million cubic meters of rock excavation.
The replacing road reduces driving time by half and could save up to one million USD on fuel costs per a year.
9.4 kilometers of road was constructed on east bank and about 7 kilometers on west bank of the river. The road includes three tunnels totally 1200 meters.
Martyrs bridge of Lali and its replacing roads are located 15 kilometers upstream of Gotvand-Olya Dam. The new bridge replaces the old bridge of Lali located 3 kilometers upstream of Dam. The new bridge connects cities of Lali to Masjed-soleyman in Kuzestan Province.
Pointing out materials used for Iran's longest cable- stayed bridge, Rezazadeh added, the bridge needed 20000 cubic meters of concreting, 197 tons of cable-stays and 1700 tons of metal decks.
Taking into account the bridge and area features, he said after impounding of dam, Lali could turn into a recreational area in Khuzestan Province and attract tourism.
Rezazadeh also emphasized that the permit issued by Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization had been one of prerequisites of impounding. He also stated that the first stage of impounding up to level of 140m is taking place in the near future.
Upper Gotvand Dam is Iran's highest earth-fill dam located 5-kilometers away from Gotvand City. The dam approaches final construction stages and is expected to be impounded within coming weeks. 





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