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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Self-sufficiency in Dam construction; Karun4 Dam Inaugurated  

News: Self-sufficiency in Dam construction; Karun4 Dam Inaugurated




Self-sufficiency in Dam construction; Karun4 Dam Inaugurated 


Iran President, Mahmood Ahmadinejad , inaugurated Karun 4 Dam on Wednesday July 6, 2011. According to a report released by PR of IWPCO, Karun 4 operated at full capacity in the presence of President Ahmadinejad,Namjoo,  Minister of energy, governors of Khozestan and CHahar-mahal Provinces and other local officials.  
At the beginning of the ceremony broadcast live, Rezazadeh, CEO's of IWPCO congratulated audience on the great occasions of Sha'aban Eids.
Then he addressed Karun 4 project schedule and added, the first study phase of Karun 4 started in 1995, followed by the second phase in 1997. Diversion of water then proceeded in 1997. The construction of power plant began in 2001, and mass concreting of dam body started in 2006.    
Karun 4, the highest double arch dam of Iran, was impounded on March, 25th 2010. All the study, design and construction phases were accomplished by domestic engineers, which in turn dominates it over other Iran's projects.
Within 16 months, Karun 4 Dam could successfully store more than 2 billion cubic meters of water. The first unit of power plant was put into operation in November 2010, and followed by two others; the power plant could generate 750 GWH of clean hydro energy.
"Within less than three months, three hydro power units were put into operation. This is unique and almost half the time it usually takes comparing to other projects."
Good concreting records of 62000, 82000 and 89000 cubic meters per month were established in 2007 and 2008 which are unrivalled in Middle-East.
The project also set the record of 34000 meters drilling and grouting per a month at its peak.
Reduction of cement consumption from 220 kg to 165 per a cubic meter of concrete, was a great achievement that could save about 4 million USD.
Karun 4 underground and open-cut excavations were more than 5 million (m3), while concreting volume surpassed 2.1 million (m3). He also said the implemented length of drilling and grouting was about 450kms.
Totally, 57 kms of access road was constructed. He also stated that the progress of Iran's longest arch bridge with the length of 380m and span length of 300 reaches 46 percent.
Total approved budget for Karun 4 project is about 1.2 billion USD. So far, the project has cost about 850 million USD and 350 million USD is necessary to accomplish the project. He also said land acquisition cost about 10 million USD. Following his speech, music videos of project were played.
Afterwards, Namjoo, Iran's Minister of Energy, addressed the history of dam construction in Iran and added, "The number of dams built before the Islamic Revolution of Iran is limited to 13, while 500 large dams have been built since the revolution.
Iran is building 34 dams in 20 different foreign countries. He also said: "Right now, a ceremony is being held in Tehran in parallel to celebrate Iran's self-sufficiency in dam construction."  
At the end, he acknowledged all involved in the construction of Karun 4 and hoped for Gotvand-olya (Upper Gotvand ) Dam impounding.
Then, President Ahmadinejad during his speech believed that the achievement in building such a high dam would be the result of self-confidence and commitment of domestic engineers. "
Today, Iranian engineers are able to fulfill complex engineering projects, and our knowledge is worthy and can be proposed to the world. Dam Construction Reference books should be published to document our skills and experience.
He acknowledged all people involved in Karun 4 project and added, an especial unit should be established and formed in the Ministry of Energy to pursuit dam construction in foreign countries. 
At the end, he commemorated those who lost their lives in the project.
Karun 4, located 180 south west of Shahrekord in Iran, was constructed to regulate Karun River. It can yearly regulate 3.7 billion (m3) of water and generate 2107 GWH electricity.





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