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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > IWPCO's Hydropower Projects Can Reduce 23 Million Tons of CO2 Emission Earning Annual 235 Million Euros from carbon Revenue  

News: IWPCO's Hydropower Projects Can Reduce 23 Million Tons of CO2 Emission Earning Annual 235 Million Euros from carbon Revenue




IWPCO's Hydropower Projects Can Reduce 23 Million Tons of CO2 Emission       Earning Annual 235 Million Euros from carbon Revenue 


The "Technical Conference and Exhibition of Financing Attraction for developing Clean Development Mechanism (CDM-2011) Projects" was held in Iran's Environmental Protection Organization.
The conference aimed to seek opportunities and develop potentials for CDM application in different parts of Iran, as well as addressing barriers and proposing solutions to accelerate growth of CDM projects.
Rezazadeh, the Chief Executive Officer of Iran Water and Power Resources Development Company (IWPCO), in a technical panel on "Benchmarking superior CDM practices in developed countries and Iran" emphasized the important role of hydropower in generating clean energy and meeting CDM objectives. He also noted: "Hydro power capacity installed and developed by IWPCO surpasses 5520 MW. The capacity under construction reaches 6000 MW, while 16000 MW is under study and 514 MW ready for tendering. 
He further added: "Hydropower contributes 30 % of the total 69% of registered CDM projects in Global Energy Industry."    
Rezazadeh then proceeded to illustrate measures taken by IWPCO and stated "the application of Clean Development Mechanism started in 2005 in the company and following that, the relevant workgroup formed in 2007."
He also mentioned "IWPCO's hydropower projects can save 23 million tons of CO2 emission and earn 235 million Euros from carbon revenue each year."
He also said :"25 hydropower projects under CDM, aimed at reducing 11.4 million tons of CO2 emission, were accredited and approved by Iran's Environmental Protection Organization.  This shows IWPCO's strong determination in applying CDM to Hydropower projects."
He also stipulated that the initial registration procedures of Aras, Bakhtiari and Namarestagh hydropower projects were completed and preparation of Aras and Piran Project Design Documents (PDD) is being conducted.
He also addressed some of the challenges and barriers existing in CDM application as lack of modalities and procedures, partial allocation of CDM earned revenues to the projects, and executive organization's unawareness of benefits. To meet the objectives of CDM, it is necessary to remove international ambiguities and modify the modalities and procedures with the help of foreign ministries.  
To improve financial problems, special sub-function should be allocated to CDM in Government Annual Budget. 
He stated "Grid emission factor should be provided for hydro projects so that the extent of equivalent reduction in air pollution is realized."
Finally, he hoped holding such conferences will result in considerable improvement in developing CDM potentials in Iran.
In the inauguration ceremony Namjoo, Minister of Energy and Mohamadizadeh , Vice President of Iran and Head of Environmental Protection Organization, Royanian , Head of Iran's Transportation and Fuel Management, Shaeri, Deputy of Environmental Protection Organization, and Soltanieh , Conference secretary gave lectures.
As the conference proceeded, four technical panels on the subject of " Benchmarking superior CDM projects in Iran and developed countries", " Role of banks and financial institutes in CDM projects" , " Outlook of CDM in Iran and  investigation of delays in Iran's projects" and " CDM-2011 outlook " were held.                





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