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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Honorable President ordered impounding of Seymareh Dam  

News: Honorable President ordered impounding of Seymareh Dam




Honorable President ordered impounding of Seymareh Dam 


The impounding operation of Seymareh Dam started as the Honorable President issued the command of impounding On May 19th, at the presence of Ilam and Lorestan's governors.
According to Iran Water and Power  Resources Development Company's Office of Public Relations , at the beginning of the ceremony Rezazadeh, CEO of Iran Water and Power Resources Development Company, said: "At the beginning of the year named Jihad Economics year, impounding of Seymareh dam , the highest double-arched 180- meter concrete Dam in Ilam Province, commences".
Pointing out the overall progress of Seymareh Dam and Hydro Power Plant Project to be 84-percent, he declared the volume of concrete placed for the Dam Body is about 578 thousand cubic meters.
"At normal conditions, it takes at least two years for the 2.8-billion-cubic-meter reservoir of Seymareh Dam to be filled"."Seymareh Power plant, with three 160 MW units, can yearly generate 850 GW Hours of electricity".
Rezazadeh also added: “At present, the construction progress of Dam Body and Power Plant Building are 92 and 58 percents, respectively.
He further mentioned "based on the time schedule of the project, the first Unit of Power Plant will join the National Power Network at the beginning of the year 2013, and every  two-month the rest of units do as well."
The CEO expressed benefits of Seymareh Project as : controlling and regulating floods, generating clean energy of hydro-power, regulating power load at national Power Network, creating possibility of electricity exchanging with neighboring countries as well as prosperity of the region and entrepreneurship within the area .  He also mentioned "the construction of Seymareh Dam and the contract made to conduct archaeological reconnaissance studies on the dam area between our company and the archaeological Research Institute led to the identification and preservation of antiques in this area so that if the dam had not been built up, perhaps this ancient area would not have been explored for many years” he stressed.
Besides Seymareh Dam and Power Plant, implementation of Ilam Pump-Storage  Project is also anticipated with capacity of 1000 MW; including an upstream reservoir with the capacity of  5 million cubic meters and an earth-fill dam of 75 m high.
In addition to aforementioned projects ,the construction of Seymareh regulatory barrage ,located 8 km downstream of this project, is also under study and the first study phase of an earth-fill dam with clay core and 23 meters high has been accomplished.
Rezazadeh also said: "The volume of earth-fill embankment is about one million cubic meters and when constructed it forms a reservoir with the capacity of 20 million cubic meters. The project is now at the stage of holding tender”.
Finally he said: "Up to now, 564 million dollars has been spent on this project and it needs 300 million dollars credit for purchasing and owning lands and to construct regulatory barrage.
As the ceremony proceeded, Rahbari the Project Chief Executive Director commemorated those who sacrificed their lives in the project and noted: "The successful impounding of Seymareh Dam is the result of Iranian engineers and laborer's years of endeavoring tasks".  "At the peak of the project, over 2500 people were employed in Seymareh Site. For the time being, 1500 people are working in Seymareh Site more than 75 percent of whom are indigenous people. 

He also mentioned the project's major tasks as total excavation of 9-km length of tunnels, more than 5 million cubic meters of earth cut and 1/1 million cubic meters of earth fill.
Rahbari also expressed the dominant features of the project as: using conveyor belt in concrete placing of the dam body, construction of a unique surge tank, design of inclined power tunnel, new design of drainage and excavation of alluvial materials up to 50 m deep. Documentation of the project and transferring all experiences of this great project to scientific and executive centers of the country has always been considered.
Seymareh Dam,180 meters high , was constructed in approximately 700 kilometers southwest of Tehran, and 40 km northwest of Darreh Shahr City ,between Provinces of  Ilam and Lorestan, across Seymareh River.





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