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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Khuzestan Governor: Olya Gotovand dam increases the water quality of the area  

News: Khuzestan Governor: Olya Gotovand dam increases the water quality of the area




Khuzestan Governor: Olya Gotovand dam increases the water quality of the area 


On Wednesday morning, June18th, Khuzestan governor and people representative of Gotovand and Shoshtar city in the Islamic Parliament along with several local officials visited the workshop of Oliya Gotovand dam and power plant and get informed about the operational process of this great project.
The delegation were accompanied by the Engineer Rezazadeh the general manager of  IWPCO and Engineer Shibani, the Oliya Gotovand  dam and power plant operator.
According to the report of public relations of the Water And Energy Resources Development Company of Iran, visiting the Oliya Gotovand dam and power plant, Doctor Seyyed Jafar Hejazi , Khuzestan governor, stated : according to the speed of the project in the last year, the impounding operations of this great project will be carried out within the coming months.
He added that all necessary arrangements have been devised and being performed in this regard, this project is one of the highest earth dam with a height of 182 meters, is considered as an engineering masterpiece of the country and the region.
Khuzestan governor noted that this project designed with the creativity of the country engineers, is among the lasting and valuable plans which will be used by the future generations too.
He also praised all those involved with the national project that had a considerable effort in 2010 and contributed to the project to progress faster, he said about the Ghachsaran formation: the issue of salt in the area of the project is the problem which is not only important for all province officials but also for all those involving in this project, in this respect the view of  experienced local and foreign experts, as well as necessary technologies have been used and satisfying actions have been performed lately and this issue is about to finish.
He indicated: in this regard even regulatory actions and very detail contingency points have been considered to secure this project for over 100 years not to encounter any problems.
Doctor Hejazi noted: Government guarantees all downstream investments of this project and think of the people, therefore it considers necessary accuracy to increase the confidence degreee   as much as it can.
He further said: "Today visit illustrates that the dam has many advantages in all aspects, and operational processes are running with quality, accuracy and speed”.
Hojatoleslam valmoslemin Sadat Ebrahimi  representative of  Gotovand  and Shushtar city in Parliament, declared: “huge  dam  of oliya Gotovand  is among the   honors  of  Islamic Republic on which  more than 1500 billion Toman has been spend”.
He added : the volume of storaged water is estimated 5 billion cubic meters that produces 2000 MW electricity which is definitely effective in developing industrial and agricultural sectors of Khuzestan province especially Shushtar and Gotovand.
At the end Khuzestan governor said: “Oliya Gotovand dam has a positive effect on increasing water quality, because it prevent salty water flow into the river so promotes the water quality”.
 The Representative of Gotovand and Shushtar city pointed “fortunately this visit shows that all specialized and technical principles of the projects have been observed by the authorities”.
Praising and thanking all those involved in the national plan, he called for more information about the actions taken in this major project.
Engineer Rezazadeh the general Manager of Water and Energy Resources Development Company of Iran at the end of the visit said: "As it was announced, in all parts of the Gotovand project, all functions are being followed by planning, precision and seriousness, and the requirements of this large dam has been approved by the Water Committee of Energy Ministry consisted of experts in different sectors.
He mentioned that in order to impound Gotovand dam in addition to planning downstream agricultural needs, optimal production of hydroelectric energy should be taken into consideration. Thus the complete impoundment of Olya Gotovand dam has been forecasted and planned step by step.
General manager of  Water and Energy Resources Development  of Iran then pointed to the  concerns of  some groups about the existence of Gachsaran formation in Gotovand reservoir and said: “One of the  goals was to visit the workshop of Olya Gotovand project that because of the  project sensitivity ,the Governor and the respected people representative  observed  the  activities of those involving in the project from near.
Engineer Rezazadeh added :  “ We do necessary actions with a higher confidence degree than what is  sufficient for control activities, by creating  a coating on the formation, and filling holes that  are even very far from the reservoir.
He continued that the special systems for monitoring the water quality during impoundment are considered to impound the large dam without a problem by necessary controls.
Praising all authorities of Khuzestan province in implementing the national project general manger of the Water and Energy Resources Development Company of Iran in the end called for large additional support during the operation of the Dam Watering as well as the  Olya Gotovand Energy plant exploiting.
By 90 percent physical progress  in Olya  Gotovand Dam and Power Plant, it is passing its final stages.






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