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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Impounding Permit of Seymareh Dam Issued  

News: Impounding Permit of Seymareh Dam Issued




Impounding Permit of Seymareh Dam Issued 


Upon finalizing the archaeological studies, stage by stage impounding permit of Seymareh Dam was issued by Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization.
According to a report released by IWPCO’s PR,
Dr. Seyed Mahmoud Mir Eskandary , Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization’s Head of Research Institute noted that about 102 cases are identified inside  Seymareh project’s area, while  currently 15 exploration  teams are working under the direct supervision of the Research Institute.
“Considering the undertaken measures, the permit of dam impounding, up to 650 levels, was issued,” he said.
 He clarified that within the last four years, the exploring team have recorded all valuable information and there is no concern regarding historical monuments going underwater.
“All the explored information and antiques achieved from the archaeological site of Seymareh will be presented in a two-day conference, within the next month, with the cooperation of Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co.
Likewise, referring to 83 percent of Seymareh Dam and Power Plant’s executive operation, Eng. Mohammed Rahbari, Executive Director of the project, said: “Stage by stage impounding operation of 180 meters Seymareh Dam will be incepted in the coming days.”
He emphasized that construction of Seymareh Dam, as well as conducting the archaeological studies in the dam’s area had a crucial role in identifying and preserving antiquities of the region.
“If the dam was not going to be built up, perhaps the ancient area would not be explored for many years," he stressed.
Stating that so far three phases of archaeological exploration are conducted in the reservoir of Seymareh Dam, the Executive Director of the project noted: “The contract amount of initial studies by Archaeological Institute was one billion and 250 million rials in 2007, while the amount of exploring the identified hills was about 7 billion rials in 2009.”
Calling the experience of archaeological studies on Seymareh Dam as a successful example of dam construction industry and Cultural Heritage sector’s cooperation in the country, Eng. Rahbari noted: “The development will be sustainable if along with the construction activities; a strict attention is paid to the cultural issues.”
Pointed out that protecting antiquities and preserving the probable explored objects is very important for IWPCO, he cited: “In this regard, the proposal of setting up a museum in Seymareh Dam’s site to display probable explored objects for experts and other individuals was also presented.”
Introducing Seymareh Dam and Power Plant, the Official said: “The concrete volume of Seymareh Dam’s body is 558 thousand cubic meters, while so far, 540 thousand cubic meters of concreting operation is undertaken.
Eng. Rahbar noted that the time of Seymareh Dam’s impounding would be at least two years in the usual terms.
Pointing out the Seymareh Power Plant, with three 160 MW units, has the annual production capacity of 850 GWH of electricity, he added: “So far, 93 percent of the power plant’s construction operations, as well as 40 percent of the equipping operation is finalized.”
The Executive Director of Seymareh project noted that based on the time table, the first unit of Seymareh Power Plant will come to stream as of 2013, while the rest of units will be operational within two months.
Commenting on the Seymareh project’s advantages, the official said: “Flood control, generation of the clean hydroelectric energy, balancing the load of electricity network, possibility of power exchange with neighboring countries, improving regional civil conditions, as well as creating job opportunities are the most important advantages of carrying out Seymareh project.”
He put the credit invested in the project at 564 million dollars.
Seymareh Dam is under construction in approximately 700 kilometers Southwest of Tehran, in the contour of Ilam and Lorestan Provinces and 40 km Northwest of Dareh Shahr City on Seymareh River.





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