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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Iran - China Signs Contract to Construct World’s Highest Dam  

News: Iran - China Signs Contract to Construct World’s Highest Dam




Iran - China Signs Contract to Construct World’s Highest Dam 


 The original cooperation contract to set up Bakhtiari Dam and Power Plant, as the world's highest dam, was signed between Iran and China.
Attended by Eng. Namjoo, Iran’s Minister of Energy and China’s Ambassador, signing ceremony of the two countries cooperation in constructing Bakhtiari Dam and Power Plant was held on Monday.
At the beginning of the ceremony,Eng. Rezazadeh ,Managing Director of Iran  Water and Power Resources Development Company   said: "Today is a memorable day for both owners of human civilizations’  heritage .The world's highest dam construction contract, as one of the most honorable hydro structures in the world , is a manifestation of two great nations and civilizations’ cooperation at  the highest level.”
Introducing Bakhtiari Dam and Power Plant, he cited: “The site of 315 meters Bakhtiari Dam is located at Southwest of Iran, at the border of Lorestan and Khuzestan Provinces.”
“Upon construction, with a volume capacity of 4.8 billion cubic meters, Bakhtiari project will be the second largest artificial water storage tank after Karkheh in the country,” Managing Director of Iran Water and Power Resources Development Company noted.
Commenting on Bakhtiari Power Plant, Eng. Rezazadeh stated that with a capacity of 1500 MW Bakhtiari Hydroelectric Power Plant will generate about 3000 GWH electricity per annum.
The official noted that the main feature of Bakhtiari project is its  significant role in storing and balancing water  according to the high volume of the reservoir, controlling seasonal floods and improving  safety conditions in the dam’s downstream ,preventing  the entrance of  Bakhtiari River’s sediment to Dez Dam’s reservoir  and as a result increasing the useful life of Dez Dam and Power Plant, as well as providing the possibility of producing clean energy  in peak hours of daily and annual consumption.
"Upon utilizing Bakhtiari Dam’s reservoir, three dams with a total capacity of 900 MW, will be set up as the downstream,” he added.
Pointing out that the executive operations of the plan in providing the access road, internal road of the project, as well as the diversion tunnel has witnessed great improvement, he noted: “So far, over $100 billion is invested in Bakhtiari project, while the figure of contract signed between Iran and China is two billion and five million dollars and the predicted time to set up the project is about 10 years.”
Referring to Roodbar-e- Lorestan , as well as Chamshir projects to be undertaken  as a joint venture of Iran and China, the official said: "Based on the plans , 158 meters Roodbar-e- Lorestan Dam and its  450 megawatt Power Plant will come into operation as of 2015,while currently the negotiations  for setting up 158 meters Chamshir Dam and its  110 and 28 MW power plants are carrying out with the Chinese side.”
On his part, Deputy of Sinohydro Corporation remarked that by carrying out Bakhtiari Dam project, as one of the world's leading dams, the technology of constructing large dams will witness a development all around the world.”
Announcing that Sinohydro Corporation is currently working in 54 countries, he noted: “In construction of Bakhtiari Dam, the most advanced technologies along with the most experienced staff will be used in a bid to set up a dam with the highest quality in the world.”
In the event ,the Chinese Ambassador referred to the world's highest dam construction contract signed between China and Iran as a positive step in two country’s economic ties.
He expressed hope that with the two countries’ comprehensive cooperation, the project will be operational with a high quality and according to the set time table.
Commenting on the operations undertaken in the tenth government, Eng. Majid Namjoo, Minister of Energy said: "As Karun 4 Dam project was impounded at the beginning of March, 2010 and its three units are currently operating, Seymareh, Gotvand and Siah Bisheh dams will be operational in the tenth government period. Tenth government period is one of the most brilliant periods in dam and hydroelectric power plants construction in the country.”
Expressing that  the executive operations of Bakhtiari Dam and Power Plant ,  as the world's highest dam and a strategic plan, is incepted in the tenth government period, he added: "With  Iran and China’s desired capabilities in hydropower field, Bakhtiari  project will be one of the best experiences of dam construction in the world.”
"Although carrying out  Bakhtiari Dam is considered as an honor for the two countries , safety issues should be taken seriously into consideration,” Minister of Energy clarified.
At the end of the event, the contract of cooperation on Bakhtiari Dam and Power Plant project, as the world's highest dam, was signed between Iran and China.





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