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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. > News > Electricity Generated by IWPCO’s Plants Surpasses 4mn MWH  

News: Electricity Generated by IWPCO’s Plants Surpasses 4mn MWH




Electricity Generated by IWPCO’s Plants Surpasses 4mn MWH   


Total of electricity generated by power plants such as Karkheh, Masjed Soleiman, Karun 3, Koohrang, Shahid Rajai, Lavarak, and Karun 4, since the start of the current Iranian year (March, 21 2010) up to February 05, 2011 reached to 4 millions, 35 thousands and 543 mega watt hours.
According to a report released by IWPCO’s PR, in the aforementioned period, Iran’s 23 hydroelectric power plants have generated about 8 millions, 806 thousands and 993 megawatt hours of electricity.”
2000 MW Masjed Soleiman Power Plant
Among the country's hydroelectric plants, by producing 2 millions, 131 thousands and 10MW energy, Masjed Soleiman Power Plant has the lion share of the electricity production.
2000 MW Karun 3 Power Plant
Karun 3 Power Plant has generated one million, 336 thousands and 955 megawatts electricity in the last eleven months.
1000 MW Karun 4 Power Plant
In this period, Karun 4 Power Plant with two 250 megawatt units at the end of the third month of its activities has generated 148 thousand and 585 megawatt hours of electricity.
400 MW Karkheh Power Plant
Meanwhile Karkheh Hydroelectric Power Plant produced 294 thousands and megawatt hours of electricity and supplied the nationwide network.
Koohrang, Shahid Rajai, and Lavarak Small Power Plants
In the mentioned eleven months, 35-megawatt Koohrang Power Plant produced 57 thousands and 785 MWH electricity, while the rate of production in 23/5-megawatt Lavarak Power Plant was 50 thousands and 800 MWH.
Meanwhile 13/5 -megawatt Shahid Rajai Power Plant produced 19 thousands and 289 megawatt hours of electricity.





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